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50 Years Ago...the Driest September On Record

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September 1959 was an exceptionally dry and sunny month for England and Wales with a CET of 14.9 and a rainfall average of just 8.0mm (0.3 inches) (9%).


Rainfall: 36%

Sunshine: 146%

Northern Ireland

Rainfall: 47%

Sunshine: 131%

Many places in England and Wales did not record any rain for the first three weeks and parts of East Anglia and southern Devon were completely rainless for the whole month.

From 6th to 12th, somewhere in the UK recorded a maximum of at least 80F (26.7C) with Gatwick recording 86F (30C) on the 11th.The period 14th August - 8th October 1959 recorded just 14.2mm for England and Wales.

February 1959 was also exceptionally dry recording just 8.7mm for England and Wales.

24th January - 1st March 1959: 10.1mm

So combining the two totals for those periods results in just 24.2mm (less than an inch) in a 93 day period falling for England and Wales during 1959.



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This september is very slightly less dry here currently at almost 8.9mm(0.35inches)

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Thanks for yet another interesting read Mr Data.

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I remember helping my mother pick blackberries in September 1959. It felt as hot as mid summer and there was an abundant crop.

The wettest areas of the Peak District recorded only 6-8 mm of rain that month and many villages in the White Peak had between 1 and 3 mm.

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I am beginning to wonder if September 2009 for the Midlands and south will become equal to that record. I have not seen any rain here in Solihull since 3rd September 2009. Ok, I spent 10 days in south Devon from 5-16th but was watching the weather forecast daily for Exmouth and Birmingham. No rain reported.

And no rain forecast for the forseeable future so this could be another one for the drought archives possibly?


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