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August Weather Reports

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Here it was a decent August

Mean temp=17.6C(16.0)

Avge Max=22.4C(20.8

Avge Min=12.8(11.3)

long term averages are in brackets

Highest daytime temp=27.3C on 19th and lowest 17.0C on 1st

Warmest night was 17.2C on 5th and coldest 9.2C on 25th

Rainfall 38.0mm with 11.4mm on 7th; 15 days with 0.2mm or more and 10 with 1.0mm or more

No thunder or fog

Overall summer came out spot on my own average mean of 16.9C(period for this is 1997-now); the Finningley average for 1961-1990 was lower than this(lost actual figure)

Mean max was 21.8(21.4) and min 11.9(12.4)

Highest temperature was 31.3C on 1 July, which turned out to be one of the wettest July's in this area.

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Castlebay Isle Of Barra August 2009

Highest Temperature 20°C

Lowest Temperature 10°C

Total Rainfall 142mm

Highest Humidity 94%

Lowest Humidity 65%

Highest Average Wind Speed 36mph

Average Wind Speed 16mph

Highest Gust 52mph

Highest Pressure 1018mb

Lowest Pressure 996mb

Lowest Wind Chill -2°C

Highest Dew Point 14.5°C

Lowest Dew Point 8°C

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