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Iphone Photography App

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Hi folks, you may or not know me, but outside of my stormchasing escapades and elemental photography I have been busy designing an app for the iPhone. The single most successful and financial rewarding outlet I have for my photographic work is via selling stock to news agencies. Very time consuming logistically but it brings in a good salary for me.

In this respect I wanted to design an app that would take away all the time and simplify the money making process. The end result is 'PhotoFame' and is an extremely simple app facility that allows you to send your 'right time, right place' masterpiece to one of the biggest global news agencies. They do all the work and sell your images to National newspapers. If used you get 50% of the sale. Simple and it works. Last week I received a nice cheque for £400 for an unusual red sunset (courtesy of the Russian volcanic activity). I naturally use my dslr for image taking but also take my iphone and snap one or two specifically using the PhotoFame app purely for a money making opportunity.

Link to the app details here -PhotoFame app link

Thanks and feel free to fire any questions.

Mark Humpage

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Great news. The first PhotoFame app success, since release on Sat, pictures of gold plated Ferrari spotted in Cannes in the Daily Record and Daily Star today - captured with the PhotoFame app. :unknw:


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