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North American Weather (U.S.A & Canada)

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Best time lapse I've seen so far.    

I wish our downgrades were like that

February 15th Storm   Hello All,   Well its been quite a few weeks lately, we've had huge amounts of snow here in New Brunswick, the most I've seen in the 8 years I have lived here. I think in les

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I know it is way less busy on the roads than usual but there are still a lot of cars on the road on the live cameras I've looked at. Even as it is now I personally wouldn't risk it unless it was necessary. That said winter tyres can make big difference if those cars have them then fair play. 

If I was a resident of Washington then I would have stocked up well in advance and would be currently sitting at home with a beer and my eyes on the nearest lamppost.:cold:

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The storm seems to be trending a bit further north in track compared to model progs, with higher snowfall totals now forecast for Philly and NYC. Still northern Virginia, D.C. Southeast Pennsylvania and Maryland seeing this biggest totals of up to 24 in or 2 foot ... Perhaps more

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8 inches so far in Washington D.C. ... Wonder if the city will beat the record of 28 inches (71cm) set in Jan 1922? As the snow doesn't clear until Sunday morning according to GFS


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51 minutes ago, Summer Sun said:

12 hours or so since I last compared the pictures from the 2nd cam on the previous page so here goes

The start of the storm


2 1/2 hours into the storm


12 hours into the storm


Wow, I'd be happy with the first pic lol

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Arrived in NYC around 5.30pm EST last night. Snow started around 10pm which was earlier than expected. Although still early, the city is so quiet apart from the odd siren. Unsure of snow depth at the moment from my hotel window but will venture out later when it gets light 

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