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a rather daft and not very nice comment about a member who posted a good deal of useful info into the site, re volcanoes and also the weather in Shetland. give him my regards please?

was getting a hard time off people with his volcano thread. wasn't appreciated enough for the hard work he put into the forum.

Not the best place to add this i know paul, but i would just like to say i think this new thread in the model area is going to be great and help those who want to know what's going on fast 9if like me

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the datacentre coming up with this when I click on it

An Error Has Occurred: Please try the refresh button or the back button on your browser and try again.

The error has been logged and will be investigated.

sql: -- Untrapped Error:

unable to load charts.dat at subs/charts.pl line 4.

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hi sorry not sure where to post this....here goes...got problems with my broadband...It cuts off regular and take quite a few attemps to reconect.

Its SKY broadband.When I get a cut off It says its got problems with DNS...not sure if any one else is getting the same problem..or how to solve it

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Had the same problem it took 2 days to get it fixed but i think you have to reset your broadband box but i dont know if it will be the same for your box.

thanks but I reset my box at least 10 times a day for the last 4 months..doing my head in

thanks anyway/.....Paul thanks I will give it a go...wish I stayed on cable

Edited by dogs32
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I'd recommend using these for your dns, should solve it:


Instructions are on there on how to change your settings.

thanks one billion.....yesssssssss...after many months of shear frustration...looks to be working...connects to the internet straight away cheers paul buy you a drink one day http://nwstatic.co.uk/forum/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/laugh.gif ...I cant beleive it everything loads in straight away Edited by dogs32
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so far its been fine and the pages load in much faster..I think its been 6 months Ive struggled with this not 4.....Ive nearly smashed my modem up in frustration a few times.....the relief.....if is working by tom night its fixed....you would think sky would of told the customers as I know a few other people with the same problem

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;) ...as anyone else having problems with netweather loading...or is it my dns playing up again..or anyone having problems with sky broadband...I might reformat my comp but need to be sure its my comp not connection.....The dns was working fine but things seem to be going down hill...i wish I never bothered with the internet..if anyone as problems with sky can you pm me thanks...the problem is Im on a contract with them so i cant go back to cable..just yet Edited by dogs32
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Probably Sky, no issues with the server here.

thanks Paul......just checking as the new DNS was working fine....then it started to happen again..this time worse than ever..but now it is perfect.must of been a blip..I hope..or my modem going in the bin...thanks Paul anyway most of the time the new DNS as been good
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Its to do with the code for the smilies b-w.

For instance if you do a list like this:





You'll notice what I mean! There's nothing can be done I'm afraid - the full list of smily codes/shortcuts is listed alongside the smilies if you click the icon to show the full list.

How about using the 24hr clock? :)

Pain I know - but the only solution is to find away round it :)

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