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  1. I have to say the met office weather app has been complete garbage over the past 8 weeks (since winter started) especially when it comes to snow predictions for my area.  Yesterday it was forecast with a double snow icon for around 3 hours, but two hours before it changed to cloudy with a light breeze, and the same again today.  Same thing happened early Dec.  Surely even the meto can virtually ‘nowcast’ and get it right occasionally 🤣

  2. much love to iceni xxx



    southernman just called and said very large flakes falling at reedham


    edit - oh that's weird, when he called it was just drizzly rain stuff, but reading that its snowing in Beccles i looked again and its now snowing nicely here and settling everywhere even the road, but it can't have started very long ago.

    If u check wunderground radar it looks as though we a going to stay 'clipped' for a little while

  3. The weather outlooks winter forecast is out


    Winter 2013/14: Colder than average



    Rather cold and drier than average. All regions likely to see some snow, but perhaps not as much as in recent winters.

    On balance many of the signals are thought to be very weakly biased towards milder conditions, but the forecast overrides these and suggests a colder than average winter for the UK. The key reasons for this are:

    i) 4 out of the last 5 winters have been colder than average suggesting background patterns are stacked in favour of colder winters

    ii) Tentative signs in late autumn of a more blocked pattern at mid-latitudes becoming established again



    The winter is expected to be slightly colder than average over the 3 month period.  




    Slightly below average over the 3 month period.



    Temperature: Close to average

    Precipitation: Close to average



    Temperature: Slightly below average

    Precipitation: Close to or slightly below average



    Temperature: Slightly below average

    Precipitation: Slightly below average


    Full detailed forecast here - http://www.theweatheroutlook.com/forecast/uk-seasonal-weather-forecast

    I'll take Chio's I think....!!!  Subtle but also 'some' significant differences between the two LRF's.......Posted Image

  4. can I just ask all those who have slagged off certain newspapers (express etc) and forecasters (Mr Madden and Powell) for their snowmageddon predictions, if they are right, are we going to see a massive apology from you all

    Not from me......I'm sick of the sensationalist garbage that gets 'puked out' each winter- and subsequent 'told you' rubbish just because we may have 3 weeks of proper cold at some stage during the season.  I asked my 7 year old tonight, "Do you think it will be cold this winter?" R- "Yes, probably Daddy", "Do you think we'll have snow?"  R- "It's winter Daddy so I should think so", "Do you think it will be cold all the time?" R-"Not all the time Daddy".  That single conversation has more credit than the predictions of Madden I'm afraid......!!!Posted Image

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  5. I skied in Andorra (Pas de la Casa) this year at the end of March and is the 7th time I have been there in the last 15 years.  There is always snow there and the lifts are always open when possible, but as the resort is so ridiculously high, it does take a few days to acclimatise properly.  Snow condition is always really very good indeed but if I was returning to Andorra again, I would go to Soldeu (Sol-day-oh) as you have the opportunity to ski the Grand Valeria (three peaks) anyway, and the resort itself is much nicer....but maybe I only think that because I'm an old git in my 40's now!!!!

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