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Netweather - About Us

Netweather was established in 2003, started initially as a very small hobby based site by Paul Michaelwaite, we've now grown to be one of the UK's largest weather forecasting websites with over 1 million people visiting every month and countless businesses and websites using our weather data. Despite this, we're still a small, close knit team.
Paul -- Paul Michaelwaite, Director

Blank photo -- Ian Michaelwaite, Director

Blank photo -- Karl Devine, Chief Techie

Nick -- Nick Finnis, Senior Forecaster

Jo Farrow -- Jo Farrow, Senior Forecaster

Michael Fish -- Michael Fish, Senior Forecaster

Ian S -- Ian Simpson, Forecaster

Julian -- Julian R, Community Forecaster

We also have a fantastic community team, and you can find their details here

If you would like to contact any members of the netweather team, please visit our contact us page.

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About Us is one of the leading independent weather forecasting companies in the UK. With a huge range of forecasts and data available via the website, from detailed local forecasts, through sports and hobby specific information to data covering every corner of the globe.

The Netweather Team

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