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Found 5 results

  1. With the popular compilation album soon to release it's 100th album in the summer, i am sure many of you will have bought or recieved an album from this series at some point... The first CD i bought was actually 'Now 29!' We are now at 'Now 99!' pretty scary. Share your first Now cd or memories and favourite Now album.
  2. Bought ticket today for an Aly Bain/ Phil Cunningham concert. I'm not a great Aly Bain fan with his electric fiddle, but quite like Phil. However, I am quite happy to support the local school fund raising. Mmm, I wonder how much of the proceeds will go to the school?
  3. Of course, first Vivaldi - Four Seasons - Winter..Just exquisite!
  4. ZONE 51


    Most of us are music fans, and like at least one genre/type, and some like playing musical instruments. It has always fascinated me how different types of music and sound can affect how we feel, it can uplift the mood, set a chill out going, or make one want to dance. I like so many types that I could not really draw up a list of top 3 for example, but I could put them in a mixed list of no particular order, we will see from the poll that many choose more than a few genres. I am a huge fan of Pop and this includes classic Pop from the 60s up to now, and their is a lot of much older music I like too. Trance is also a top of the list favourite of mine. My other favs being DnB of the modern type, I like Jungle, I would listen to Jungle in the 90s and as this genre grew and DnB became what it is now I became glued to it. I very much enjoy RnB, and some types of Rap and Hip Hop. I like Rock, Garage, Electronic, Techno. To surprise of friends I am really into Classical / symphony, I love the woodwind instruments and all the mixed sounds an orchestra produces. My favorite instruments are the Piano and Violin. I like the Guitar, and especially electric Guitar. ESS
  5. I have been uploading new demos/work in progress music tracks to Soundcloud over the last year or so, I know its a great site and well respected and my experience on there is excellent. I have recently discovered some of my tracks are available through mobile download sites, particulary ring tones, the sites are nothing to do with SC, as far as I know. I had had the widget box ticked along with streaming option through SC, but turned off the free download option on the tracks, I allow the mp3 streaming app for Soundcloud. Likely was the widget for website embed that allowed my music to be available elsewhere. I am letting sometime pass til I search my music again to check. I am only worried because my music is going to(hopefully)a recording studio in the future,someone could steal,sell my sounds before I do. I'm unknown/unsigned trance and techno artist and am at the stage of skill to get signed up by a record label.I have the midi files, copies of my music on pc/cd also song notes on paper.
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