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Found 5 results

  1. Many years ago Roald Dahl’s seven year old daughter died of complications from measles , for which at the time there was no vaccination. Many years later, once a vaccine was widely available, he wrote a plea for parents to protect their children, raging at the “obstinacy, ignorance and fear” that drove anti-vaccine sentiment. . Decades later we now appear to be going down the same route of “obstinacy, ignorance and fear,” started many moons ago by that quack Wakefield, and now driven by the gold mine of misinformation, social media. Wakefield, who is now living the high life in the States, was responsible for god knows how many measle related deaths, and even though his pathetic theories were totally destroyed by the scientific community, his legacy is now being revived by the morons and social media It is pathetic, but more to the point it is dangerous, and more children will die because of these nutters, The vaccination take up is already down to 87 per cent which is way below the herd immunity 93-95 per cent https://www.healthline.com/health-news/measles-cases-are-rising#1
  2. Are there any "Air Density" forecasts available for the UK? I am extremely interested in finding any such. 3 months ago I was diagnosed with severe COPD, a respiratory disease that leaves you with shortness of breath (SOB). I read on the British Lung Foundation site that a change in the weather can trigger flare-ups which piqued my interest somewhat. Over that time I noticed my SOB was better and other days worse, my first instinct was to make observations between my WX readings and pollution readings with my SOB symptoms to see if there was any sort of pattern showing. Although I need to run the comparisons for a lot longer yet, I have a result that is worth investigating , it is "Air Density" that stands out as the major player. A (specific gravity) reading higher than 0.0745 makes a good day, a reading of less than 0.0740 makes for a bad day, in my personal experience. Knowing in advance of good days would be brill, I have things left to do in life yet.
  3. Started by request of @Spikecollie
  4. Been researching medical and health, I do this regularly. The conditions I am looking closely at are, Fibromyalgia, Hypoglycemia. These are something I have myself, and both these conditions affect the muscles. I am also looking at low cortisol and it's symptoms and associated conditions from this. Magnesium deficiency has a lot of symptoms with it and you might be surprised just how similar they are to other conditions, I was. The quote here just a fragment of the list and is of particular interest: (see last link in this post - Wiki) Somewhere I believe there are with many conditions a connection, and a lot of symptoms from vitamin and mineral deficiency produce very similar symptoms to conditions and diseases. Micro minerals can be missed, and seem not to much to worry about, but the fact is we need all the A-Z vitamins and minerals to some balance and there are some very important ones like the B12, Iron and Calcium, many more to list... From the Minerals the Macro minerals are more likely to cause symptoms under deficiency. Recently my Interest has been draw to Magnesium and it's believed connection to Fibromyagia and low sugar problems (Hypoglycemia) Note that some of the information provided in the links are long reads but very interesting and I would especially recommend readers that have health problems like Fibromyagia and/or those interested in medical science/medicine to look at these sites below: http://drsircus.com/medicine/magnesium/magnesium-deficiency-symptoms-diagnosis - http://web.mit.edu/london/www/magnesium.html - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reactive_hypoglycemia - http://hormonerestoration.com/Cortisol.html - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magnesium_deficiency_(medicine) ESS
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