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Found 15 results

  1. Good morning all! Still cant get into my old account but here are some photos of the past 3 or 4 days here in Latvia. Some from Riga and the rest from rural Latvia in Berzpils (25-30km from Russian border). Will be here until 1st and flying back in the evening. Currently snowing lightly although not on radar but a good 6 to 10 inches... perhaps more in places. Expecting a little more snow over the next couple of days and temperature may get above 0c so may see a little snow melting but currently -3.5c. May add some more photos in the coming days. Have a very merry Christmas one and all! ? Blake
  2. With a potential cold end to winter and start to spring on the horizon, here's a thread to discuss the ins and outs of that, how the latest forecasts are looking and so on. There's obviously a lot of chat in the model thread about this currently, and you can also find info about the SSW over in the strat thread. Nick has also blogged about the SSW here: Sudden Stratospheric Warming This Weekend, But What Is It & How Will It Affect Our Weather? And about the model mayhem currently being caused by it here: Sudden Stratospheric Warming Brings Weather Model Mayhem It's fair to say that confidence in the exact weather we're going to see from mid-next week onward is currently very low, but the Met Office are confident enough in the likelihood of cold weather that they've recently put out a press release: https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/news/releases/2018/a-sudden-stratospheric-warming-and-potential-impacts-on-uk Winter could be set to go out with a bang it seems, but it's not nailed on, yet.....
  3. A very cold spell is recorded by Gilbert White in his nature journal covering late February into March 1786. February that year started pretty average with some gales mid-month and it was not until the 21st that an East wind is mentioned. After 4 days of bitter conditions he notes that "ploughs are stopped by the frost" and "men cannot dig in the hop-gardens". A heavy snowfall arrives on the 27th and is described as about 7 inches deep - falling without drifting and lodged on the trees so it appears "very grotesque and picturesque". What happened next is the real surprise for our 'modern expectations'. The east wind gets up again and it becomes even colder so that the lying snow is now drifted "over hedges and gates". The first signs of any thawing are not seen until 10th March and even by 22nd March the lanes have "much snow still lying". Given this is Hampshire and not very far from the South coast it just goes to show how potent a late Winter spell could be back then.
  4. Milocation

    Evening shot!

  5. Well here we are at the beginning of November and there's the chance for the first snowfall of the season! The high ground of Scotland and Northern England look to bear the brunt of the snowfall, with the chance of some accumulations to lower levels (maybe staying above 100m) especially in Scotland, but also into the Midlands Tuesday night into Wednesday. Of course this is biased speculation, and also there's still plenty of time to go in terms of nailing snow forecasts, but as an avid coldie looking for more snow than he can handle this is looking pretty decent for my area tomorrow, considering it's still Autumn!! Whether this thread gets used or everyone stays chatting in their respective regional threads, I felt this very early taste of Winter deserved a proper mention. Netweather charts: http://www.netweather.tv/index.cgi?action=nwdc;sess= Met Office Warnings: http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/public/weather/warnings/#?tab=warnings&map=Warnings&zoom=5&lon=-3.50&lat=55.50&fcTime=1478563200&regionName=st BBC Forecast Animation: http://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/2635167 BRING ON THE SNOW!!!!
  6. I am enrolled at UNIS,Svalbard, studying Arctic glaciers till September. I am hoping to keep this blog updated with details of what I am up to and pictures. So far I am limited to Longyearbyen, having not received gun training, but next week will start with fieldwork. The weather has so far been sunny, and rather warm, reaching a high of 15c yesterday. The constant light is taking some getting use too! I'll be visiting a local glacier on Thursday, where I hope to update!
  7. There may already be a thread for this so lock this if that's the case.... Met Office weather warnings have been issued for much of the country for heavy, frequent snow showers from tomorrow morning. Warning map: Here is the latest output from the models: 850hpa Temps: Precipitation Type: Very interesting spell of weather coming up very soon, lets all keep everyone informed of what's happening across the country.
  8. Since there may be a Cold Winter will there be any cold,snowfall this winter since cornwall doesn't get a load of snowfall.
  9. As a strong storm came through at the weekend it also introduced an arctic high with bitterly cold temperatures. This week we have not got above -25oC and night time has been around -32oC. Tonight the temperature has really taken a tumble and at 11:20pm tonight its currently -37oC. The record low here is -42oC set in Dec 2008. Will we break it? I guess we will know in 12 hours. What does it feel like? Imagine opening the freezer and that feeling of cold air for a second...that's every hour of every day outside. Cars need to be plugged in to prevent freezing, heating is going 24/7 and simple things like popping from the car to the shops takes an effort. Houses are warm, work is warm, cars, eventually, get warm but outside activity stops. Its an unforgiving lifestyle in the Canadian arctic environment. Light is at the end of the tunnel though....-5oC by next Monday? Shorts will be the order of the day then. Stay warm!
  10. Hello Guys and Good afternoon to you all There Will be a change next week.Making things nicely cold and Some snow (MAYBE) Lets begin the Discussion Right here and right now. Enjoy Ladies and Gentlemen....
  11. Looks like there will be SNOW ICE AND COLD! Hope they enjoy it. Edit:Might want to watch this too.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UNPeCZE_dWU
  12. Sprites


    From the album: SPRITES PICS

    hoar frost taken 17-1-13 with phone.
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