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Found 3 results

  1. These stats are copied from my June 2006 weather summary in the thread. I could sue myself for infringing my own copyright and make myself put up with Starforce 3.0 Professional copy protection just to read my discussion (only kidding; been uninstalling a computer game because of above issue) Statistics for June 2006, relative to estimated 1971-2000 averages for the location: Mean max: 18.8C (+2.2) Mean min: 11.2C (+2.0) Mean: 15.0C (+2.1) Difficulties with rainfall recorder- only 2mm, which I don't trust at all, though it was certainly a very dry month. Warmest: 24.8C (12th) Lowest max: 12.6C (25th) Highest min: 15.4C (17th) Lowest min: 7.6C (27th) The first 12 days of June in Cleadon were dry and very sunny in general, though cooling sea breezes ensured that the maxima weren't particularly high during the first 10 days; as the wind changed to a southerly the 11th and 12th were very warm. From the 13th onwards the weather was rather cloudy and dry with a fair amount of anticyclonic gloom, though the month ended with a couple of sunny days. It continued rather warm, primarily by night, It was the warmest June since 2003 at Cleadon. The average minimum was actually 0.1C higher than 2003 (although given inhomogeneities in my records, not statistically significant) but the average maximum was 0.6C lower. The sunshine excess of 1-12 June was largely negated by the mainly cloudy weather thereafter, with an excess of around 10% according to the Met Office sunshine maps. This means that June 2005 was actually sunnier than June 2006, while the last significantly sunnier June occurred as recently as 2003. Leeds did rather better sunshine wise, with an excess in the 20-30% region.
  2. I don't have the time (or will) to put in complete summaries for Jan, Feb and Mar, but here is a brief outline. January 2006: Max 6.6, min 1.4, mean 4.1, precip 30mm, sleet/snow falling 2, snow lying 0. It was a benign, and rather uninteresting month, and very dull until the final third, which was relatively sunny. The least warm January since 2001. February 2006: Max 7.1, min 2.0, mean 4.5, precip 22, sleet/snow falling 3, snow lying 1. Quite similar to January, with an easterly non-event during the last week- temperatures were no lower than average for the time of year! The only cold snap of note occurred on the last day, with a northerly bringing some snow flurries and a dusting of lying snow at 0900. The month was slightly duller than average. It was the least warm February since 2003, and the driest since 2003. (Note: I say "least warm" because temperatures were, if anything, slightly above the long-term normal) March 2006: Max 7.2, min 1.4, mean 4.3, precip 57, sleet/snow falling 11, snow lying 5. It was the snowiest March for snow falling since I started taking records, beating the previous record of 10 days in March 1995; for snow lying it was equal snowiest since 2001. A cold, bright snowy first week was followed by a brief mild interlude. Then after a classic mild vs cold battleground around the 12th, with the coldest day maximum in March since 1996, it was generally cold and cloudy. The sun re-emerged around the 22nd/23rd, then the last week was very mild and unsettled, but not mild enough to offset the cold weather of the first three weeks. Overall, it was the coldest and wettest March since 2001, but the average maximum was the lowest since 1996. It was slightly duller than the long-term normal, but less so than last year, sunshine totals certainly boosted by the exceptional first week.
  3. Since I didn't get my weather records in until after the April 2006 Summaries thread was closed for some reason, here's the April 2006 Summary. Mean Max 12.2C Mean Min 4.3C Mean Temp 8.3C Highest max: 16.7C (25th) Lowest max: 6.9C (4th) Highest min: 9.5C (25th) Lowest min: -1.8C (5th) Air frosts: 3 Precipitation: 27mm There was sleet/snow on 3 days (sleet on the 7th and 9th, snow on the 8th) and four days with hail or graupel. Snow was lying at around 3pm on the 8th April, but there was nothing on the ground by 0900 the next morning. Overall the month had a rather cold first third with sunshine and wintry showers, then the remaining two-thirds were dry, consistently warm and notably sunny. There was a remarkably homogeneous nature about the warmth, with no maximum above 17C for the first time in April since 2001. The average maximum temperature was actually higher than for April 2005, but the average mean and minimum temperature were both the lowest since 2001. It was also the driest April (along with 2002) since 1997.
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