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Found 10 results

  1. In Cleadon, Tyne & Wear, the statistics were as follows: Mean Max 14.8 Mean Min 7.2 Mean Temp 11.0 Warmest: 20.9C (5th) Coldest max: 9.3C (13th) Coldest: 1.7C (14th) Warmest min: 11.8C (18th) Precip: 39mm (I think my rain gauge might have under-recorded slightly!) Air frosts: 0 Fog 1, Hail 0, Thunder 0, Sleet/snow 0. In Cleadon the first half was warm, though less so than in many other regions of the country, with the wind off the sea helping keep maximum temperatures down. The second half was cooler than the first half, for the first time in May since 2000. The second half was unsettled and windy with westerly winds. The month as a whole was about 0.8C up on the local long-term average, but was the warmest May only since 2004. The 13th featured the first single-digit maximum in May since 1997, but occurred due to extensive cloud cover, whereas the 1997 single-digit maximum was associated with a day of sunshine and snow showers. Spring 2006 as a whole was the coldest spring since 2001, but also the sunniest in the area since 2003. However, this hides the fact that March was quite dull, and May near average, with April having sunshine about 40% above the local average. Leeds In Leeds the month had a rather different character, with an exceptional warm and sunny first half (23-24C reached on a couple of occasions) and a cool unsettled second half. Convective storms were a regular feature of the month in Leeds with three thunderdays, all of which featured quite impressive thunderstorms. All in all, I was happy to be here rather than in Cleadon.
  2. Here is a summary of what happened in Cleadon, Tyne & Wear, during December 2005. Mean Max: 7.1C Mean Min: 1.6C Mean Temp: 4.3C Highest Max: 13.2C (11th) Lowest Max: 0.9C (29th) Highest Min: 8.3C (11th) Lowest Min: -6.0C (29th) Air frosts: 12 Note that the lowest max was recorded using the standard Met Office 0900-0900 recording system: using an 0000-0000 system, the temperature on the 29th got no higher than -1.2C, the lowest day maximum for exactly 10 years. Precipitation: 35mm Days of falling sleet/snow: 3 Days with hail: 2 Days with more than half cover of snow at 0900: 4 It was the coldest December since 2001, and after a wet start, was generally dry with generous amounts of sunshine. The 'beast from the east' may have disappointed for some, but it certainly didn't disappoint here: the 28th to 31st all had lying snow although by the 31st this had turned to a patchy covering of ice. The mean temperature was certainly below the local 1971-2000 average, and may have also been a fraction cooler than the 1961-90 average- making it two below average months in a row at this location. In terms of quantity it was only the snowiest December since 2001, but the persistence of snow cover was the greatest since late December 2000. I awarded the month 63% overall, which is pretty good for December.
  3. In Cleadon, Tyne & Wear, the stats were: Mean Max 9.6C Mean Min 3.2C Warmest: 14.6C (3rd) Coldest: -3.7C (19th) Lowest max: 2.6C (28th) Precipitation: 49mm (62) Air frosts: 10 Days of snow lying: 0 (smattering on 28th) Sleet/snow: 3 Hail: 3 It was the coldest November since 1998, and the sunniest since at least 1947 (probably for much longer). The first half averaged 10.2C and the second half averaged just 2.5C making it the warmest first half of November since 1994, while the mean minumum of -0.6 in the second half was the lowest since 1993. The month was a few tenths of a degree below the average for 1971-2000. Illustrating my approval of the month's weather, in Leeds (where the month was very similar) I awarded the month an average of 65%, which is the highest rating for a November since 1996, and the highest of any month since May 2004.
  4. In Leeds, this was a very warm and extremely dull month. The statistics on Philip Eden's site suggested that the North East had barely half the normal sunshine, and I can believe it. The first week saw near-normal temperatures, and persistent anticyclonic gloom- layers of stratocumulus covering the sky the whole time. It became brighter in the second week with some notable warmth around the 10th and some sunny spells, but then it became dull again. The 15th to 26th was another extremely dull period, and this time it was generally wet as well, with an exceptional lack of cool nights. Only three days stood out as featuring any sunshine of note- the 16th was dry warm sunny and quite summerlike, while the 20th and 25th featured a mix of sun and showers together with a few rainbows. The 27th was a remarkable day- sunshine all day, and it must surely have maxed at between 18 and 20C. After the dullness of the past 10 days, it was amazing to see the sun again, let alone see it all day! However, after a day of sunshine and showers on the 28th, it became extremely dull again, while staying warm. At 42%, this October would appear to have been the lowest scoring October since I started taking weather records, and the lowest scoring of any month since November 2004. Sunshine (or lack of it!) was the main factor here. Data is again patchy, with no temperature records from 6 to 16 October inclusive, but here are the stats from the dataset I have: Mean Max 14.5C Mean Min 9.5C Precipitation: 75mm (this is the whole month's total; the device kept a record of total rainfall even though it stopped transmitting to the computer) Highest max: 18.1C (27th) Lowest min: 6.7C (23rd)
  5. A very warm first half. I spent the first third of the month on the Isle of Arran, with some very warm, sunny and summerlike weather during the first week, but the second week was somewhat more cloudy. A funny 'quirk' on the 10th- while I travelled from Arran to Leeds and then Tyneside, it was dull everywhere apart from a 10-mile radius around Lancaster (!!) where it was very sunny. The second half of the month didn't contain any particularly memorable events in Leeds (where I went to university after midmonth) but it was consistently sunny and generally warm. The month averaged 60% on my ranking system, and was the third September in a row to make a sixties score- by contrast, most Septembers of the 1990s 'achieved' forties scores. I doubt October will achieve anywhere near that kind of score though! Statistics from 17-30 September in Cleadon, Tyne & Wear: Mean Max 17.6C Mean Min 9.0C Mean SLP 1006mb Total precipitation 6mm Highest max: 21.1C (22nd) Lowest min: 3.6C (24th)
  6. In most summer months, the east coast of Tyne & Wear is mostly thunderstorm and "sunshine and showers"-free, relative to much of the rest of the country. Not so in August 2005- this time Tyneside had quite a convective month while many other areas had a very benign month. The first week of the month was dominated mostly by sunny intervals and showers, with a couple of dull days thrown in there. Some quite dramatic convective storms too. The second week was also predominantly showery, and two days particularly stuck out: the 10th for its warmth and high humidity together with some torrential rainstorms, and the 13th for a thunderstorm, which passed just to the north of where I lived and brought some spectacular cloud formations. The third week contained a mix of dry sunny days and dull dry days, then the fourth week went back to being on the showery side, with the 25th sticking out as quite a convective day. My main memory of the month will be the Leeds thunderstorm on the 31st. A very hot sunny day was followed by some of the darkest clouds I have ever seen, lightning flashes at a rate of about five per minute at one time, and torrential rain- there was a fair amount of flooding. Interestingly, the Tyne & Wear region was reported to have been hit by a similar-intensity storm too, but for once, the fact that I wasn't there didn't matter. August 2005 scored 60% on my ranking system, a fairly solid score, and left Summer 2005 at an average of 59%- not a classic summer, but certainly one of the higher scoring summers of recent years.
  7. July 2005 began with me taking a fortnight's holiday in France. The first three days were sunny and quite hot with a 32C on the 3rd, the day when I went to see the French Grand Prix (and subsequently suffered heat-stroke) The weather turned rather cloudy during the following few days. I remember one day with a little sunshine and a few convective showers, but most of the time it was dull. In the second week- which I spent near Strasbourg- the weather was hot and sunny with occasional thundery showers, particularly during the first half of the week. Temperatures reached highs of 27-30C, which I would find uncomfortably hot in this country, but over there the air was much cleaner and fresher and the humidity lower, and in any case the showers and thunderstorms were spectacular. Meanwhile, Britain (well at least most of Britain) was very sunny and dry, and hot too with 27-30C reported also, even in the north. The second half was spent in Tyne & Wear- and it was excessively dull, with cool days and warm nights. On my rating system, the month averaged 55%, but the final third averaged only 25%, offsetting a high-scoring first half. The last July to average a sixties score was back in 1999!
  8. June 2005 was spent mostly in Lancaster.The month got off to a very dull and damp start, but the 6th to 8th were very sunny. I remember wandering around Lancaster doing shopping on the 8th in bright sunshine, and getting somewhat sunburnt. Temperatures were very low for the time of year, but in the sun it felt warm.The weather turned showery towards the 12th with a couple of spectacular rainbows, then a few dull damp days followed. So far, so average.I think, though, that the second half of June 2005 ranks among my favourite summer 'half-month periods' of all time. The weather was consistently very warm and sunny but not uncomfortably hot (maxima in the 20-25C range) and there were a couple of thundery breakdowns, most notably on the 19th. Lancaster missed the main zone of thunderstorms, but caught a small one on the western flank. I may not have had a good 21st birthday, but I can't complain about the weather I had on it- it was sunny and warm all day.Late June 2005 was one of those summer periods where I'd rather be "up north" than "down south"- while I welcome brief heatwaves (especially if they trigger thunderstorms), I find prolonged hot spells difficult to cope with after a while, and the South East certainly had one.Statistically the month was warm, but unfortunately I had no access to sunshine and rainfall data for Lancaster. I'd guess it was 10-20% sunnier than the long-term average.The month averaged 61% on my ranking system, but this hides the fact that the final third averaged 71%. Only two Junes (1996 and 2003) averaged higher percentage scores on my records.
  9. Just to complicate things, I spent this month in Lancaster!May 2005 began with some remarkable convective storms. I was woken up at 7:30am on the 1st by a thunderstorm (if there's one thing I don't mind being woken up by, it has to be thunderstorms) then the 2nd featured some extremely high intensity convective storms. I spent much of that day outside tracking the cumulonimbus cells around Lancaster.The next few days weren't particularly memorable, then a cold north-westerly spell dominated the 7th-10th. Lancaster missed a lot of the showers- it seems that Morecambe Bay doesn't pick up much convection in late spring and summer, generally speaking, when NW winds blow. Then we had a week of dry sunny weather around midmonth, and although it was quite cool for the time of year, it felt warm in the sun.The final third of the month featured some more big convective storms- May 2005 has to stand as one of the most 'convective' months I experienced during my three years in Lancaster. The 21st and 22nd featured some massive downpours, with a notable thunderstorm on the 22nd- and with strong sunshine in between. Unfortunately the last few days were quite dull and damp.Statistically, May 2005 in Lancaster was a sunny month with near average temperatures.Many people saw May 2005 as quite a drab month (and are, of course, fully entitled to their opinions!) but I quite enjoyed it. It averaged 63% on my rating system.Overall, Spring 2005 featured some remarkable temperature contrasts, but the day-to-day weather wasn't really that memorable in Lancaster and Tyne & Wear.
  10. I don't know if anyone is actually interested in these personal monthly summaries, but if anyone is, I apologise for the lack of updates- I forgot about it. With my now having a professional weather station, I should have more of an incentive to update every month!April 2005 began with a fairly warm and sunny spell at my location in Cleadon, Tyne & Wear. Then it turned more unsettled. My main memories of April 2005 are the day of sunshine and heavy rain/hail showers on the 6th, and more significantly, the snow showers on the 8th, representing my first sighting of snow in April for four years. I remember wandering outside in the middle of a hailstorm on the 8th just to experience a covering of something on the ground in April 'in the flesh', even though it was just hail!It turned quite cloudy and wet around midmonth, with exceptional rain totals on the 15th/16th. The rest of the month was pretty benign, dry with some sunny spells at times, although at other times it was dull.Not having any reliable weather measuring equipment at this time, I can't provide stats but it was a fairly warm month, with near average sunshine, and wet due to the 15th/16th deluges.On my personal rating system (based on me giving a percentage score for the weather on each day of the month, then adding the scores together and dividing by the number of days in the month) April 2005 came out with 54%, which is pretty average. For the record, most months seem to come out with fifties scores on this system, with the best and worst (from my perspective) tending to come out with sixties, and thirties/forties scores respectively- the averaging tends to iron out the excesses.
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