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Found 2 results

  1. i luv snow

    :( Hmmmm

    well at the moment me aint in the happiest moods, a tad depressed about a few things in my life but me gotta look on the upside- latvia on friday i wont go into too much detail bout why im feeling this way, but whenever im looking for someone it dont go right, and i just ainjt attracted in anyway, or i dont feel right and i cant even force myself to go any further with them, let alone get with them. Alas, i end up with no-one. Yet every single ugly person i know has queue's of people after them and/or are constantly with someone- and they aint just ugly they aint got any personality either!! when it comes to going out with them, or dating them, myself there was absolutely nothing there- im starting to think i just dont 'gel' with anyone i shouldnt be pouring my heart out to random people, but i dont really feel like chatting with friends about it, we all got enough to deal with, without me feeling all depressed.lol jus gotta get things off my chest
  2. Guest

    Plans, Plans, Plans

    im in a bad mood but i shall write one of these things anyways, the weather is dreadful, but its kind of cosy too. Really LOOKS like winter out there today, its still warm though so that took away from it somewhat.Anyways, Halfterm is here and i spent the first day being a geek and went to the cinema with me, my sister and my nephew- we saw Sky High and it was actually quite good! i love a good, happy ending- and some fun and laughter too, it was poifect Heres Faz, real name Farris, my nephew:Anyway, i have plans for the rest of the week too. Cinema for Naany McPhee again tomorrow, after going up town with friends and eating there too. Gotta picm up a cape for one of my Halloween parties later in the week you see Davie Dracula here i come!! mwuhahahaha :o Wednesday sees me and my best friend, jenjen, meetin up wit lucie and jonny and spending the day round lucies eating, being noisey and watching movies, as well as the Catherine tate show which is THE BEST show ever!! me highly recomends it, beein an avid fan for both series so far Thursday, well i work in the afternoon, but then im off to the cinema AGAIN, and then round a friends house just to sit back, relax and do nothing.lol That sounds particularly joyous :rolleyes:Friday, cinema once again (you seeing a theme here yet? :o lol :o ) and then town and getting ready for friday night- Halloween fancy dress, dafodiled out of my head! Party number 1 should be goood!!!!!!1Saturday, another joyous day at the co-op in store no doubt- followed by Halloween Party number 2, more alcohol, same costume, different location, and should be even more fun! wOOt im excited bout this one :lol: :DSunday is my family day usually, and will be my chance for a mini recovery- followed by my family Halloween Bash- wahoooooooooo all my neices and nephews round, all the family- fun fun fun!!!And then on Monday comes Halloweencostume will be on for a fourth day in a row and off out with friends on the spookiest night of the year (after school ) sounds good to me too actually- i have never got in to Halloween as much as i will this year, im 'dead' excited, gettit?!?! heheCome 4th november though, my trip to Latvia (yes you heard right!! LAtvia!!!!) commences, but thats for a later blog entry, toodles peeps!!
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