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Found 3 results

  1. SP1986

    Position Explained

    I think its important to establish my overall position in context of weather favourites and what I like. It's almost impossible to like mild weather and not be called a "wind-up merchant" unfortunately I feel this applies to me so this blog entry is just reassuring the people of Net-weather that I am no wind-up merchant! My taste in weather is a little contradictory in that I'm a fan of mild, but I'm also a big fan of snow, but I don't appreciate cold. This is due to my inability to take cold conditions without being affected in a negative way, for example extreme sensitivity seems to attack my pain receptors more than most. By as low at 3C my hand feels numb, it is something I have seen the doctor about, and apparently it is the existence of very sensitive nerve endings in my skin. So therefore I appreciate milder weather as it is better for my health. I love snow though and anyone who remembers me from snow watch knows that, I would give anything to see an awesome snowfall, as snow can bring happiness to anyones day! Its becoming all too rare in this day and age which is a big shame but perhaps like in 2005 and 2006 more snow may still occur in the future. So there you have it, I'm a fan of mild largely because its friendly to me, but also because I grow subtropical plant species but conversely I'm also a snow fan who loves seeing the site of the white stuff on a cold winters day. What I dont like is dry and cold! Theres an explanation for those who dont quite understand my position (as some have queried in the past)
  2. Guest

    Greece Is The Word

    yeh Greece is the word. I'll be listening good on Thursday, Greece v Brazil in the COnfederations cup, if we beat Brazil we're the best in the world - In the world I tell you! bet you never thought that would be likely - did you?Let's be honest neither did I, but I'm damn proud. That's what you get for winning the Continental Championships!!Other than that, life is pretty boring at the moment, nothing to do, nowhere to go and no-one to see, just sitting here when im not at work - this is great but there has to be more to life than this - I like going out but on my own all the time - can't hack it!It's going to be a boring summer *yawn* Just wanna get back to university really, or go on holiday - it aint gonna happen though not this year.Best thing I can do now, is eat alot!well that's all really, nothing great to fill my blog in with!
  3. Guest

    Funny 'poetry' - Winnie The Pooh

    I got this 'poem' today in English Literature I thought it was absolutely halarious...The House at Pooh Corner (A.A Milne, 1928)----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Christopher Robin is goingAt least I think he is..WhereNobody knows.But he is going -I mean he goes(To rhyme with 'knows')Do we care?(To rhyme with 'where')We doVery much(I Haven't got a rhyme for that 'is' in the second line yet. Bother)(Now I haven't got a rhyme for bother. Bother)These two bothers will have to rhyme with each other Buther.The fact is this is more difficult than I thought,I ought -(very good indeed)I oughtTo begin again, But it is easierTo stop.Christopher Robin, good-bye,I(good)I And all your friendSend -(Very awkward this, it keeps going wrong.)Well anyhow, we sendOur loveEND.'If anyone wants to clap,' said Eeyore when he had read this 'now is the time to do it.' They all clapped. 'Thank you,' said Eeyore.'Unexpected and gratifying, if a little lacking in Smack.'-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------That is one heck of a funny 'poem', couldn't resist sharing it with you...
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