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  1. According to the netweather radar there's a big green lump right over Rugby at the moment where I currently am. I can confirm there is the merest snizzle in the sky, not a sign of any serious precipitation. Maybe it's a chemical leak from the Cemex plant and not precipitation ;-)
  2. Doesn't look very written off at the start of this thread, but anyway...
  3. Not really. As of last night/this morning we were (mostly) under an Amber warning with 5-20cm of snow, depending on local happenings. That all disappeared early this afternoon.
  4. I don't remember that being a surprise - it was predicted (for my area at least) for days beforehand as "5-10cm" and I got exactly that!
  5. You know how things tend to start off as "Oh My God! EPIC snowfall coming" and gradually peter out into "oh - maybe just a few showers" and end up as "ah, just a bit of snizzle then..."? Always seems the downgrades are the accurate predictions. When is the last time anyone can remember "Not going to get anything but a few flakes" turning into "Oh wow! We did NOT see THAT coming! Unbelievable turnaround to produce somethign from nothing!" Just never seems to happen that way. Curious...
  6. MetOffice Amber warning for most of midlands from 04:00 to 11:00. Look at detailed forecast for Leicester and we have no snow forecast until 10:00 and then on and off until late afternoon. WTF MetOffice? Get a grip lads. Leicester snowshield warming up right now to deflect all white stuff ;-)
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