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  1. Still 1.2C and heaviest snow so far. Most surfaces now covered.
  2. Snowing here, sticking although providing only a partial covering so far. Really surprised to see anything.
  3. Omnipresent at T+384. However, Chiono has been right about it showing on 20th to date. Does it have to look like it does at T+384 to be effective or is the T+204 version sufficient to have an impact?
  4. Sunday 12z: Monday 12z: Cold 850s being undermined, but they are still there.
  5. Yeah I was looking for the one you found cheers.
  6. 12z Saturday: 12z Sunday: 12z Monday:
  7. How does today's UKMO 12z T+96 850 chart compare with those two?
  8. Which will also be out of date by the time the next T+96 and T+120 fax charts come out.
  9. Steady - all I was expecting from UKMO. If future 12z outputs remain steady than when asked the question "and where is GFS?" The response can be "quite frankly who cares?".
  10. How does the current UKMO 12z 850 chart at T+120 compare with yesterday's 12z 850 chart at T+144?
  11. Carinthian was saying this was modelled for 20th Jan. Has this now shuffled back again?
  12. Indeed, in my opinion, the viewer should always be looking at charts beyond 5 days with a high degree of scepticism, whether they are showing cold or mild.
  13. Since when has GFS been able to display a high degree of accuracy at T+216 anyway?
  14. I see the Easily Changed Mind model is projecting a cold easterly again at only 10 days out.