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  1. GFS for a week Friday if this happens lots of smiles
  2. the Flickering from lightning on this cam in Germany http://www.wetter.com/hd-live-webcams/deutschland/berlin-tempelhof/576a5e38cebfc02f4d8b457c/ update : died of quite a bit in the short time i posted but worth keeping an eye on and other local cams to it
  3. Estefex was actually quite correct you must remember to qualify it within a probability of 'x' amount of miles of a given point, i would have said 50 miles would be correct, you can not predict much closer even the NWS and NSP centre in the US do not normally predict severe weather in less than that distance. the Oxford Supercell was almost within that distance of you. As to what you get with that type of storm even a mile can make a difference as to what you get one side of Bicester had 1" hail the east side just rain. So on our small island draw a 50 mile circle on a map around Oxford
  4. Nice looking storm South of Winchester on radar with seferics heading north im in Oxford raining here cooling the air I suspect this will kill the storm as it heads this way
  5. just back from Brill Bucks watched storms go by heard plenty of thunder didn't see any cg's all intercloud lightning hidden by at times torrential rain disappointed, looks like more storms forming over Normandy pushing into channel so perhaps more later
  6. Pat and I slept through a storm report on my Weather Radio, Paul and Arron wondered why Pat and I had not seen the good lightning display despite Pat reputably always having his finger on the camera shutter button !
  7. had a message from Pat today he was a bit too north for tornados but did manage a lot of excellent lightning photos and knowing Pat there will be some insane photos amongst them
  8. is this speed test ok i used to have an all wire adsl connection it was rubbish i was even unable even to watch a low quality youtube video without loads of buffering uploading a video took a day or more with sometimes the uploads failing i upgraded to fibre optic cable assist youtube 1080p and vimeo high quality with no buffering wow.
  9. some more videos from yesterdays Oklahoma, Andy Gabrielson rolls his vehicle in the outer circulation of the tornado http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2mnrWExAppI

  10. just trawling through yesterdays/this morning tornado videos on youtube still some nightime tornado warning ongoing as i type this

    1. gpspete


      Andy Gabrielsons car gets rolled by tornado this guy gets close not the first time his car has been dammaged

  11. Watching Tornados on Grlevel3 and all the usual internet feeds quite a severe outbreak in n texas & oklahoma

  12. Tornadic storm heading towards Miami Florida tornado signature good hook on it tonight update went up the north/west side of Miami just added this meso discussion MESOSCALE DISCUSSION 2263 NWS STORM PREDICTION CENTER NORMAN OK 0739 PM CDT TUE OCT 18 2011 AREAS AFFECTED...SRN/CNTRL FL CONCERNING...TORNADO WATCH 867... VALID 190039Z - 190145Z THE SEVERE WEATHER THREAT FOR TORNADO WATCH 867 CONTINUES. WITH WW 867 SCHEDULED TO EXPIRE AT 02Z...A REPLACEMENT WW WILL BE COORDINATED AFTER 01Z. 12Z WRF-NMM AND RECENT HRRR GUIDANCE ARE RATHER CONSISTENT THAT
  13. not long had an email may be visible again tonight cloud and of course what will be a decaying geomagnetic storm permitting
  14. Aurora watch again tonight may be a G3 which is strong visible down to 50deg

  15. I just found out : StormHunters will be airing next Thursday, August 4 on The Weather Network! watch the web for this look for the chicken hat .....The Beauty and Destruction of Tornadoes.

    1. Paul Sherman

      Paul Sherman

      Is that the Canadian Crew Pete ?? Jaclyn and Vanessa ?

    2. gpspete


      a canadian crew if its the right one ? copy from a twitter i received

  16. almost ready Stormchase 2 Heathrow here i come well in a while lol.

  17. woke up by thunder

    1. dogs32


      Pete still thundering

  18. start packing for Stormchase day coming fast 2 weeks at work then go

  19. please check out my latest video of Severn Bore

  20. yes most warnings for international events are given in Z time ie gmt so that there are no time mistakes due differant time zones
  21. tsunami warning with arrival times on here http://www.weather.g... shocking may not be an appropriate word it is far beyond that even horrific probably can not put it in context, for those in trouble. i hope the people on some of the smaller pacific islands will be ok and of course sympathy for those already affected in Japan and not forgetting Christchurch in New Zealand recently effected.
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