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  1. some more videos from yesterdays Oklahoma, Andy Gabrielson rolls his vehicle in the outer circulation of the tornado http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2mnrWExAppI

  2. just trawling through yesterdays/this morning tornado videos on youtube still some nightime tornado warning ongoing as i type this

    1. gpspete


      Andy Gabrielsons car gets rolled by tornado this guy gets close not the first time his car has been dammaged

  3. Watching Tornados on Grlevel3 and all the usual internet feeds quite a severe outbreak in n texas & oklahoma

  4. Aurora watch again tonight may be a G3 which is strong visible down to 50deg

  5. I just found out : StormHunters will be airing next Thursday, August 4 on The Weather Network! watch the web for this look for the chicken hat .....The Beauty and Destruction of Tornadoes.

    1. Paul Sherman

      Paul Sherman

      Is that the Canadian Crew Pete ?? Jaclyn and Vanessa ?

    2. gpspete


      a canadian crew if its the right one ? copy from a twitter i received

  6. almost ready Stormchase 2 Heathrow here i come well in a while lol.

  7. woke up by thunder

    1. dogs32


      Pete still thundering

  8. start packing for Stormchase day coming fast 2 weeks at work then go

  9. please check out my latest video of Severn Bore

  10. listen to Maui on noaa weather radio on http://www.wunderground.com/wxradio/index.html

    1. gpspete


      sirens in haiwaii tsunami expected. all of pacific rim put on alert

    2. gpspete


      noaa weather radio Los Angeles California now broadcasting Tsunami warning as well as Maui

  11. massive earthquake japan Tsunamis live on sky news

  12. a good couple of days off work done some good videos of Severn Bore on sunday and whent to see Europe play in Oxford last night they finished with there hit "the final countdown" to stormchase!!

  13. 2 tornados already deaths reported already i'm afraid

    1. gpspete


      virtual stormchasing in us several cams up

    2. Backtrack
  14. virtual stormchasing in us today live cam feeds,

  15. pat if you go to bed for 1 year you will miss next years storm chase in us

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