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  1. Interesting night. Clearly a technical bust for the high-res models as the free warm sector failed to clear of cloud in time and also failed with the impressive push of cold air from the NW. Another example of how the weather can challenge the best of us (SPC high risk) but it works both ways and a slight risk will come along again that spawns a monster.
  2. First of the ‘hyper’ cells firing N of Childress. In about half an hour anything that fires in the free warm sector will explode and rotate within 10 minutes
  3. Yep apologies for earlier - many online TV streams in the US have put restrictions in to overseas IPs. Need a VPN - I subscribe to Nord but free ones are available.
  4. NWx not streaming this year. Best try something like https://livestormchasing.com/map but on PC as the mobile site is rubbish. Or tune in to local TV online (KFOR for OKC) - they always break into weather when severe is confirmed or highly likely. I’ll be streaming on this year’s tour but I’m five days late for this event - that said, something tells me early next week could see a similar higher end event.
  5. For chasers and researchers alike there’s always a tricky balance between expecting high-end activity and hoping the impacts are minimised. No one wants to see damage or casualties on these sort of days but the bottom line is it’s going to happen whether we like it or not and chasers in the field can benefit the communities in the risk areas by calling in reports that trigger warnings that in turn give people a few precious minutes of time to react.
  6. For T3 GFS and ECM still trending Mon 27th -Thurs 30th May as potentially active days with increasing signs of a closed low centred far SW NE Tues/Weds. Possible scouring of moisture thereafter but again that’s a long way off.
  7. Great reports and videos - much appreciated. As suspected an active few days now underway with a potential major OK dryline day on Monday should the NAM be on the money.
  8. Early week beg 27th May Mon-Thurs looking tasty still. Upper profiles push a 300mb 110kt jet across the central plains above more than sufficient low level moisture multi-day. Still a long way out though.
  9. That’s interesting. I hire a jetpack mifi on Verizon for $100 (2weeks); 2G free then $10 per G after that (which with streaming and constant GR updating plus the kid’s facebooking etc soon adds up). I can spend an extra $200 a trip no problem. If I bought one (around $220) and then linked it to an unlimited data package for just one month I’d pay for it on the first trip. Will look at this next week when I’m out. RadioShack used to sell mifi dongles but they’ve all but shut down now.
  10. I like the look of far SW NE tomorrow
  11. But you don’t want the cap to drop that quickly A really active period coming up right through to the end of May I reckon. Good chance one of those days will be a ‘biggie’. Hope you chase virgins are strapped in tight!
  12. Tom - the end of Bohemian Rhapsody is not really a spoiler - it’s based on actual events after all! Enjoy T2 - it’s looking very active from Thursday on.
  13. Yep there’s some high-end potential showing up for next week if GFS is to be believed. Strong 300mb profile W/E across the central plains and plenty of moisture return. I might be arriving a few days late.
  14. A fairly active season so far looks to pick up again from mid week after a lull so there’ll be opportunities from Weds I would think with Fri already looking tasty. I’m out from the 25th (set up day) and long range now creeping onto GFS.
  15. Bump! I guess if there’s no chasers out this year from the U.K. it might make the roads a bit quieter
  16. LOL. If there was I’d have a cabinet full of the things
  17. I’d go with that Roger, although as I said in the thread opener I’m a stickler for a good steak so it’s Canadian for me for lunch, then review with options in most directions. Has the feel of the May 2016 Dodge City day to be fair.
  18. Apologies if the day is incorrect but a MDT risk with 10% tor in a classic DL set up. What I call a ‘Canadian Day’ and I’d be lunching at the Old Cattle Exchange (wicked pepper topside strip).
  19. Weds this week looks potentially high end for E OK so long as minimal modification occurred from early convection. Ingredients in place for an active day.
  20. Wasn’t Sunday the first official day of T1? Is there a stream and/or thread this year?
  21. With the popularity of storm chasing increasing year on year, we probably have several UK-based groups or individuals out on the plains over the next few months so who are you and when are you active? It’s actually quite rare to meet other Brits in person - you’d think it would happen more often - but with spotter ID and GPS, it’d be interesting to keep a tag on each other. I’ll leave the NW team to give their details but I’ll start the list off: Neil Robinson + both daughters (Zoe and Becca): May 23rd to June 4th. Spotter Network ‘Neil Robinson’, ID 47377 ?any more
  22. Yep the trees east of Tulsa look prime today but it’s dependent on the boundary retreat as if this gets a bit further North and east it could be the focus for a few strong tornadoes. Looks like a quieter spell coming up from Thursday for a few days until moisture starts returning early next week.
  23. On the subject of laundry - most motels have a washer and dryer, so I take less clothes and more gear these days and do a wash mid-tour. The machines take quarters so keep hold of any you get in change. The wash is generally $2 (8 quarters) and a dry tumble about the same. In a group it might be worth buying a ‘bag’ of washing powder at Walmart for a few dollars and share it. It’s much cheaper than buying a small box of the stuff from the motel counter or vending machine in the laundry room.
  24. They’re up in OH associated with the winter low and occlusion. The activity down south is due to initiate from around noon local time.
  25. Additional: A skeg at the latest RAP shows EHI >10 in central LA at 22Z. The Alexandria metro area looks to be at risk.
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