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  1. Lovely snow fall in Norwich, started about 7am and still going strong.
  2. What a mad 24 hours with rain for most it and the wind...in three years of living here the garden furniture has never been strewn so far in the garden. Local news is reporting over 200 trees down across the country (Norfolk). Rain is continuing to fall this morning but at least the wind is easing. Roll on summer!
  3. Is that not a good thing if it heads East to Norfolk? Finally getting rain and lightening in South Norwich though!
  4. Nothing in South Norwich, sun breaking through but humid. Blue sky above me.
  5. Nowt in Norwich, been warned all week and not a drop, flash or rumble. Living up to the dryest county! Will that mass off the east coast head inland?
  6. You can hear the roar of "why are we waiting" from Norwich folk. BBC has us in the game at 4am so I'm hoping that lot is moving north/north east.
  7. Mostly hail near Norwich but last shower was snow for about 1 minute and now sunshine.
  8. What's going on, some of the gusts now sound worse than this afternoon. Take two maybe.
  9. Gust frequency seems to be dropping in Norwich, not a huge amount of rain either. Has this storm passed to the south and west of us now or are we in a lull before the worst hits?
  10. Norwich - Snow and hail yesterday, rain today and both days supposed to be dry. Grrrrr!
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