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  1. pretty sure that we will hit 30C again today. It actually feels very pleasant, not the uncomfortable heat from June where it felt more like 40C than 33C. Mid 20s and lots of sun for the reliable time frame here, it's amazing some people on here think August is an autumnal month.. it is basically the same as July average temperature wise!

    1. Eugene


      Same as February having almost the same CET as January, it still can be spring like at times especially mid month onwards if you get the right setup same applies to August it can be autumnal at times IF you get the right setup like early next week

    2. Costa Del Fal

      Costa Del Fal

      I agree Rob, personally i think people like to "wish" August as being Autumnal thus allowing them to think Winter is getting closer. It is but August will rarely seem like it was moving towards winter because its very similar to July on average.