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  1. gigabite


    1. And that's my point, thank you. 2. Turkey and Russia seem to want skiing enthusiast to dominate.
  2. gigabite


    I don't think the USSR was a bad government, just poorly run that happens. I believe they put a serious snaffle bit on genocide, in the Central Europe and the Baltic States, but since the wall came down, more than just cannon fodder has bit the dust. Prudence is the better part of valor at this point, or did we forget Yugoslavia
  3. Russia has the 5th largest cash reserves and the largest gold reserves in the world, and with the 35% drop in the ruble they are set to move up the exporter food chain.
  4. 1. Large oil companies will will snatch up proven reserves of the fracking wild caters. 2. The cash reserves of large oil producers like Saudi Arabia & Russia can withstand a resource price swing, but Venezuela maybe not so much so. 3. Energy Conservation during the 1973 oil embargo cut consumption by 63%. 4. 1951 Univac weighed 13 metric tons & used 125 kilowatts 2014 iPhone 6 weighs 129 grams uses 5 watts. Conclusion: OPEC needs to adapt to a shrinking economic environment.
  5. ssn = sun spot number had crut4 = what? The likely hood of coronal mass ejection is 5 times more frequent during the solar max, so it can be inferred that as the ssn drops the effective size of the sun decreases.
  6. Nobody seems to realize that the primary metric humanity uses to measure the global warming is irradiance. It is a 16th century methodology adapted to the 21st century. Mankind would be bettered served by a gas filled sphere and a thermometer transmitting the temperature from L1. The smoothing of the data makes look like surface radiation varies only slightly from season to season, and that skews the greenhouse gas equation to the right. Irradiance fall in to the category of if the only tool you have is a hammer every problem looks like a nail. Life exists on this planet simply because o
  7. The little ice age is a left tailed extreme of a global cooling trend.
  8. My view is that as the barrels per ounce oil to gold ratio goes up the Saudis need to increase market share to insure the their social payments into the future, so they may have to let the price drop until the price of gold drops or demand picks up. The push to electric cars could push demand of LNG and away from oil, the price could drop back to $35 for a time as it did in January 2009.
  9. Over the last 30 years negative SOI frequency has trended down. Indicating the El Niño threshold is occurring less often.
  10. The elongation of the earth's orbit & the diminished solar max as a result of the closest approach of Jupiter ever could have an implication.
  11. Now that the events in Iraq have relieved that America's vice president Biden supports the federalization of Iraq on a language and religious basis, the similarity to Russia's president Putin suggestion for the same for Ukraine makes me wonder why not just draw a line on the map and move on?
  12. This is a well put together essay about current solar activity and cooling in Europe.
  13. gigabite


    A collection of reference information
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