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  1. Snowing heaviest it has all day currently. Been snowing albeit not amounting to much pretty much all day. Sandwich. Kent
  2. Also moved further east to include Thanet and Sandwich although misses Deal and its micro climate !! Been snowing non stop here in Sandwich this morning although dying down now. Nice bonus as usually get very little !!
  3. 30% chance of more distruptive snow is hardly nailed on imo. Looked more south of region and west in the graphic so hoping it spreads across whole of SE as obviously no one knows yet.
  4. The latest met office video wasn't suggesting much other than a few cm in Kent so bit confused if we are going to get much other than showers feeding in Sunday also rather than a snow fest. Keeping everything crossed !!
  5. Getting more snowy rather than sleet in Sandwich
  6. Freezing rain just reached land in Sandwich. Watching to see if it turns more snowy !!
  7. Question if I may ... do you think far se corner of Kent will get the snow on Friday as some of the forecasts look to miss us. ?? Some will say Karma as Kent has had loads already but us in the far corner Thanet, Deal and Dover, Folkestone ain't seen much yet think we have more chance on Friday but would be Typical if we missed that too !! good luck everyone tonight Any any thoughts welcome thanks
  8. Is that a shower or a dirty mark on my screen ?
  9. Not sure I fancy my drive from Sandwich (doubt we will get much) to my office in Gillingham tomorrow ..
  10. Gutted. I thought nothing was marginal this time round but guess same old for us coastal towns
  11. Like the idea of the snow coming up from France at end Be better for my location in the channel !!
  12. Meridian forecast just now This is her guess on how much some will get
  13. Worth a read for some of us ... https://www.channel4.com/news/by/liam-dutton/blogs/why-you-shouldnt-believe-a-uk-snow-forecast-more-than-three-days-ahead