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  1. If you're on with your songs Mokidugway after Kylie it's Steelers Wheelers and Stuck in the Middle with you.....:-))
  2. Yep near the Glengarth which isn't a hotel now. Yes I have spent many many nights at the Berry but more of A Kings up hawcoat man now. Just off to watch a film with the missus as she has missed me hopefully;-)) Chat tomorrow bud and most importantly re the weather. 0c here and still full snow cover
  3. Mokidugway. Was nice when I left Barrow at lunchtime today. Nipping in from the Yorkshire thread but I'm from Barriw originally. Your end too near the Abbey so not far to Dalton.
  4. Don't go too near that fire after that takeaway Will......
  5. Cul-de-Sac has thin cover of snow and plenty of sheet ice already. Just moved the car just in case for tomorrow. Will have a look at radar in a moment but saw a decent shower before but was towards north leeds way as backed up by arnott
  6. Was heavy in Leeds city centre before. Back in Pudsey now. 1st lamppost watching nite of the winter. Better get the beers in !
  7. Agreed. Yeh that T-Storm was to the NNW west of me so places around Guiseley / Menston maybe must have got hammered..
  8. Hi Jed, There was some cracking lightning here last nite around 9 pm ish. Torrential rain too. Was great display as was dark outside and first night time storm I can remember for a bit...
  9. Rumbling and distant thunder from around 6.45 - 7.15 am then bang.. Huge flashes of lightning, instant thunder. Great start to today. Plenty of potential with some afternoon heating later too. PS After my moan yesterday got up to a high of 24.4C in the sunshine.
  10. Distinctly cool here and light drizzle. certainly can't see 24c here and heavy storms breaking out...
  11. Remember it well having travelled back to the Cumbrian coast from Chester that afternoon for xmas. Particularly stormy was early evening as I walked to the pub in to incredible gusts even now I can recall it..
  12. Remember that well. The missus and I went to Glasgow on the train on the Friday morning from Leeds. Had to get off at Berwick and take the bus from there to Edinburgh because the line was blocked around the borders. I remember the snow on the side of the A1 where ploughed was massive..!
  13. Got relatives in Chicago and keep an eye on their winter weather. I can't believe how mild it has been so far. Ok now it's colder but i'm use to looking in envy.. even from an occasional wintry Leeds
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