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  1. I think it’s all too south for me in Notts
  2. Think I’m going to drive to work tomorrow, getting the bus today just tempted fate for no snow!!!
  3. You’re higher up than me then, it started proper coming down a few minutes ago and has slowed again now !
  4. Wherein Notts are you snowy? I’ve just got whispy flakes here in long eaton
  5. Light flurries here but paving and road covered, now having a debate with myself whether to drive or get the bus to work!!
  6. Thank you , well on the mend, adn have a lamppost right outside the window!!! whoop!!!!
  7. According to Accuweather temp here is 3 and DP 1, The bonus of being off work recovering from an op is that I can stay up all night long watching the window!!!
  8. Hey All!! I'm in Long Eaton Notts/Derbys border. I've been following the model thread all week and am sooooo excited for some snow!!! Its just been raining quite a sharp shower here, and a friend of mine in Derbyshire has just had thundersnow! So, heres hoping!!!
  9. Evening all!!! Well, I checked the charts at lunchtime today and it was (was) looking so nice for tomorrow night into Wednesday and through Wednesday - I've just checked them again and it just looks pants!!!!! Sooooo disheartening - we get all worked up, shot down, worked up again, and shot right back down again!!!! grrrrr!!!!!
  10. Hey everybody!!! :-D Heres hoping for some snow!! I'm in Nottingham (south of Nottingham in Long Eaton) and see that the majority in here are West Mids!! I do hope some snow gets to me, I've been watching the ever changing charts!! But I see that there is lots of wowing at MetO forecasts so I suppose I'd better pop over there and have a look too!! Oh, and I shall be on wine tonight :-D
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