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  1. Lol oh I am very excited. Thanks Andy
  2. Oh how exciting. Hope to see some more of the white stuff in Magor. Good luck everybody who wants the snow ;-)
  3. From Magor with love ;-)
  4. so according to the met office app I still have 1 hour - 2 hours of this and then light snow. Amazing day.
  5. Not bad for little old Magor. Mind you I went outside and it is so freezing and icy cold, my heart sank for all those people and animals who do not have homes. People will not survive in this im sure ;-(.
  6. My snowie Magor
  7. Amazing amount of snow here in Magor, did a Snow Angel 15 minutes ago and it has completely disappeared. Cars had to abandon at the main road as can't get up our hill. Incredible and a wonderful thing for my son to see, he has now officially got the snow bug.... only took him 21 years, I knew I would turn him lol. Be safe everyone.
  8. WELL,,,,,, theirs no business like SNOW business and snow business I know...... lol
  9. That was where I got my snow obsession from. 10 years old living in Hanham and took my dad a day to dig us out the back of the house. omg imagine if we got something like that?
  10. it is changing all the time, one minute we are in Magor 50% heavy snow, then 95% then 70%, I expect it is just a wait and see type of thing.
  11. Enjoy your snow David, you deserve it ;-)
  12. I am beginning to feel more excited again as my met office have upgraded me slightly and also Ian Ferguson weather man from Bristol said that more people are in for severe snow, including possibly Bristol. I am sort of in between the two for weather, so fingers crossed, but looking very good at the moment.
  13. The met app forcast for me has been spot on so far, still downgraded so much since yesterday, but hoping they may just change it back better later. Really pretty here though. Went to walk the dog, in his new boots, he looked like a bucking donkey lol, he was not impressed and it was too cold so we only went around the block.
  14. well I am 5 miles from the red warning, hoping that my heavy snow percentages I had yesterday will go back up again.. ;-) so excited for everyone, hope everyone gets some.
  15. Ive been downgraded with met as well, will go check bbc one and IF I am upgraded on that LET'S go with that one lol