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  1. It is all so confuzzeling.... one minute in south west thread the champagne was on ice and i was getting hopeful and excited and next time I looked, champagne was put back in the cupboard and it is very deflating. Just going to look out the window tomorrow and see what falls from the sky. Good luck to everyone though who wants the snow.
  2. Will it depend on elevation again Andy?
  3. Nope..... nothing as per usual lol. Hi Andy, enjoying all your posts though.
  4. Wales - Weather Chat

    Hi Guys and Gals, Happy New Year to you all and more importantly Good luck getting the snow ;-), exciting evening of lamp post watching is hopefully on the cards, you just can't beat it. Happy Birthday Jay.
  5. Totally agree. I am a Bristolian living just over the severn bridge in Magor and I would love the merging idea as well. ;-) Fingers crossed we will all get lucky (if it is snow you like) at least sometime this winter.
  6. Thank you for taking the time to reply. That's really interesting. Thanks again.
  7. you like that chant don't you ? Lol I have the view of the channel, overlooking Portishead outside my house, it has never helped me with snow though ;-(
  8. Hi ya, Just wondering what type of weather setup actually does benefit us in the South West..? Easterly and now Northerlys does not seem to and just wondering what does? Thanks?
  9. Merry xmas. Have had many a giggle at all the arguments on here about the weather, but really enjoy everyones take on it too. Hope us coldies have something to cheer about in 2014.
  10. Weather-history . I agree with you and as it is half term and children out and about without there parents, them seeing this I think is irresponsible. Why give kids the idea it is safe to do so when it clearly isn't?
  11. none here yrt, but would love to have a storm tonight. look over the bristol channel and wouldd love some decent lightening..had little bit earlier but nothing since.
  12. floods

    Flooding at Underwood near Magor
  13. snow face

    awwww cute