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  1. Not had much by us yet..........hoping for some decent snow today fingers crossed.
  2. Not expecting much in my neck of the woods until at least Thursday if I'm honest.....and that is an unknown at the moment but has potential. Possibly slight dusting tomorrow into Wednesday for West Mids.
  3. Black Country Area - Talk from family members that winter of'81 (the year I was born) was particularly heavy snowfall with widely in excess of 12-18 inches plus and very cold temps, this was the year where close by Newport recorded the lowest ever temp for England @ -26c. Other memorable snow events for me - Mar'87 - although under 6, I can remember some real deep snow and off school for a whole week! In fact I can remember the 80's being very snowy here. Dec'90 - around 35cms and drifting (I remember the forecast being totally wrong and the local forecasters suggesting rain and not snow!). Feb'91 similar setup to what we have this week. 15-20cms and -5c daytime temps. Mar'95 saw a brief heavy snowfall......I remember this as lots of stranded cars and 7-8 inches of snow in 2 hours. I think it rained at lower levels but was a snow event in Sedgley. Feb'96 - another snow fest of 8 inches - this was the event which saw the northwest having very heavy falls in excess of 40cms? Then for the next 10 or so years not much, odd snow event but nothing more than 2-3 inches at a time. Dec 10 - 8inches plus and lasted throughout the Christmas period Mar'13 - one of the best snowfalls with around 12 inches of snow as its snowed on a number of days with sub zero daytime temps, better than the recent Midlands snow event of Dec'17 in this area but not as widespread. Hopefully another Midlands snow event at the end of this week Deepest snow abroad, skiing in the Alps!!!
  4. Roads were dicey at 7am this morning, think I would have been struggling without a 4wd mode car. Motorways were great.....should snow more often, keeps the traffic off them!!!
  5. 15cms here in Sedgley, nearly stopped now....is there much more to come Best snowfall since March '13
  6. Don’t come on here often but Sunday’s event has the potential to be the most severe for many years....enjoy the outcome ?
  7. March 2013 was better in snow depth....around 12 inches in Black Country area when it we had several ice days. Feb 2007 came on the Friday evening and was gone by the sat morning.....it this was the same event. Left Upper Gornal this morning at 7 and was a small covering, working in Tamworth and no snow here at all.....
  8. Yes.....remember some decent snow events around here.
  9. Best chance of a snow event for a few years in the Black Country it seems
  10. Yes still snowing on the works car park....sticking to cars and roofs but really like wet slush on the floor.......started about 30 min's ago.
  11. Whoooo 2nd bit of snow of this winter....snowing in Solihull atm. Looks like a period of snow during the early hours of tomorrow, may make the morning commute interesting.
  12. Big Snowfalls of the Black Country in this Order I can remember- March 87, Jan 88, Dec 90, Feb 91, Feb 94, Mar 95, Feb 96, Nov 96, Dec 2000, Feb 2007 - now to add possibly Jan 2010 fingers crossed!

  13. just joined here!!! Yes I remember that snow....living in sedgley nr dudley so fairly high ground. can remember it being pretty severe!!! that winter also had the heavy snows of feb 1991 - again pretty heavy snow. since then its snowed several times nearly as bad in the early/mid 90s.....last few years been boring though even this week hasnt been nothing to note - prob 2-4 inches at the moment.
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