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  1. Nearly a cm at strensall N of York but less as I drove west. A covering at Linton. What a lovely day yesterday though. Absolutely beautiful.
  2. I can tell those maps have no chance of verifying as they have snow for the lower vale of York. Normally there would be a nice circle of clear around the city.
  3. Massive flakes, heavy snow at Linton at least a cm already. Drive safe.
  4. Very cold rain in York - was snowing huge flakes earlier but turned back to rain. Durham, where my son is, seems to be getting another pasting - I keep telling him that it's England's snowiest city.
  5. Sorry for late reply but the pale blue area north of York is just ghosting. It's pretty much over my house and we've had nothing since 1100ish. Having said that @vizzy2004 may have had some snow up on the ridge.
  6. Thanks YP that's a great update. It's stopped snowing at Linton as per the radar though the skies are still leaden. Doesn't seem much more to come though the MetOffice site has us as heavy snow from 1100. Not sure where that's going to come from...
  7. @Lakes Tom True! - the forecast earlier for Strensall and Linton was nothing like it is now - moderate to heavy snow all night and all tomorrow. Bring it on!
  8. Yes the Metoeox radar goes a long way out - the raintoday one has crashed! There does seem to be some more organised blobs appearing.
  9. Bright sunshine and a drip thaw at Linton. I do hope we get some snow soon, it's been a bit underwhelming so far. Glad that others in the region have done so well.
  10. There is a clear window in the radar from York up to Richmond area. We've got about 5-6 cm but I wouldn't call it disruptive snow. A streamer would be nice like the one that passed over Durham this morning! My son has about 15cm of cover...
  11. Still snowing at Linton, wind has dropped, flakes got massive but now smaller again. Got about 1.5 cm maybe more.
  12. very light snow in Strensall north of York. I mean very light.
  13. Yes @LeeSnowFan you are right! I should be celebrating the fact that we have had some lovely frosts and bright winter skies - day and night. So much better than the last few years. Onwards and Upwards. Loads of winter left to go.
  14. Yes the BBC York forecast is heavy snow Sunday morning for a couple of hours. Hmmm... we'll see...
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