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  1. Agreed. Been a decent summer here. It's simply madness, however, to compare the summer in Surrey with that of Northern Ireland. The climates of the two areas are so vastly different that it's an apples and pears scenario writ large.
  2. I made the mistake of venturing upstairs earlier. I’m now back in the garden genuinely contemplating sleeping in the shed.
  3. The air this evening (outside) is much more pleasant. Lovely to sit out in in fact. The soup of last night has gone.
  4. It’s rather like Jean de Florette in the eponymous film. I’m with you.
  5. Yes 80F in old money in London at the weekend. Will probably feel pleasantly cool compared to the current insanity. Mid 90s at 7pm!
  6. Mid September is very often warm and sunny down here. Less so in the North West.
  7. Yes a surprising amount of cloud over east London this morning. I suspect yesterday will end up being the hotter day although the satellite suggests a rapid clearing from the south.
  8. Summer is 21 June to 20 September in my book, set by the cosmos from solstice to equinox. This is regardless of what the Met Office says for calendar convenience. In any case, there is lots of time to go where summery weather is possible.
  9. Last day of summer is 20 September according to the cosmos. Plenty of summer to go, let’s hope it’s pleasantly warm rather than days on end of furnace like temps, which we are currently enduring down here. That said, late August and September heatwaves aren’t that rare, so I wouldn’t count on it!
  10. The stalemate this week has been pretty bloody good for the SE! I’ve been on an off road biking tour across Essex and Suffolk and have a good tan. Lots of sunshine around and some lovely warm days.
  11. Glorious again down here. Decent outlook too.
  12. You are just reading the model wrongly. It’s the Contrary Forecasting System: look at its runs then forecast the exact opposite and you’ll be quids in. (P.S. ECM looks decent for the south/east quadrant)
  13. Indeed, but that’s enough down here to give us nice warm days. Realise it’s not sufficient up north hence why I say it would be good to see it take control.
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