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  1. Best I can find Blast is 10/1 sub 60% with Laddies. Suspect those odds have shortened given recent model runs.
  2. True summer - astronomical summer - going out with a bang potentially? Warm if not very warm this weekend with the chance of storms to usher in the equinox.
  3. Warm if not very warm for the foreseeable on the models. A truly memorable bank holiday weekend in prospect, which will be welcomed by many. It’s been a up and down sort of summer. But if you take summer as 21 June to 21 Sep (as I do), it could be a ‘good’ summer overall.
  4. It's been way off at a similar range several times this summer. It's becoming a cannon fodder model, at least where UK forecasting is concerned.
  5. GFS has been a shockingly poor performer of late, no doubt about it.
  6. Output getting better and better for the bank holiday weekend. ECM has trailed this well. Kudos if it got it right from maximum range.
  7. Yes good shout on this earlier. It didn’t look plausible and you nailed it. Bank hol weekend looking pretty decent with the Saturday probably the best day of the three.
  8. Really? Do you have evidence that they have that tendency? Not that it’s in any way relevant anyway. You might as well consult tea leaves.
  9. Bank holiday weekend looking warm if not very warm for the SE quadrant. Interesting. And well trailed by the models, if it comes off.
  10. 25c and sunny skies now a real prospect in the SE quadrant over the bank holiday weekend. That will be welcomed by many. Fantastic charts, classic English summer conditions, not too hot but warm and lovely.
  11. Models shaping up here. BH weekend looking promising indeed.
  12. Back to the models, wet at times tomorrow, nice Thursday, wet at times Friday and Saturday then improving. BH looks warm in the SE - but a long way to go!
  13. Looks wet at times but relatively modest in the SE quadrant where lots of members live. Sunday looking brighter then better next week.
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