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  1. He would loath that chart. His favourite weather is very settled and as warm/mild as possible as he works outside I believe?
  2. And quite right you are too. The seasons are set by the cosmos, not a government agency.
  3. There’s showers coming off the Wash, Jon There are showers coming off The Wash Jon. They can sometimes spring a surprise for our neck of the woods - no elevation of note to catch them before Epping Forest...
  4. Very light powder snow in Chingford. Is there something brewing up in the Wash, tracking SSW?
  5. Okay, now we are talking. The first decent chunk pushing in off the estuary into north (east) London. 4/10. Proper nice fluffy snow coming in off the easterly.
  6. Looking better now coming into the estuary, should push back into town on a sharp nor easter
  7. If the big lump in the estuary pushes back in on the easterly breeze we could be in. But, not confident. I never am.
  8. Main band just edging across the estuary now. Need that to push back in.
  9. It’s painful to watch, just aching for that heavy stuff out east to get into the mouth of the estuary and swing over us! Aargh!
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