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  1. Yep, no gritters. Northern London suburbs with elevation cut off!
  2. Excellent fall here now. Best for years! Epping Forest is the sweet spot!
  3. Very heavy snow in Chingford. Everything white! Fair play to the Netweather amateurs - beat the UKMO and the BBC. A4D3DA26-5496-4197-88F4-D4635E8D843D.mp4
  4. Meanwhile... this. I’ll believe it when I see it.
  5. -1c at the Weather Underground station on the edge of Epping Forest, at Theydon Bois. Coldest place within the M25 as usual. Colder than many stations 100 miles north of here. Possible snow chances for Epping Forest? Hoping to avoid bloody warm sectors. App says sleet
  6. Yes. The upgrade/downgrade malarky would rather depend on where you are. For example, GFS is arguably an upgrade for London/SE as it calls for snow showers in the (semi)reliable.
  7. Light snowfall in Chingford, London E4 – proper dry snow but light so far.
  8. The usually conservative Phil Avery ramping the snow for our region in the 1035 London forecast. Snow after 1800 Thursday then another lot Friday morning a "double whammy" for commuters. I'm still worried about UHI effect in central London but usual favoured spots – Dunstable, Epping Forest, South Downs look to have a decent shout of some accumulations.
  9. Should be twice that in the Forest. Off for a walk now.
  10. That outrider finder coming through central England has pepped up on the radar. Not too far from the M25 now...
  11. That's great – thanks. Whereabouts in Chingford are you? Ideally I'd find a station within the Forest itself. It is bizarre that there doesn't seem to be one!
  12. Does anyone know of a data feed from a live weather station somewhere inside Epping Forest? I thought the Scout HQ at Gillwell Park would be a good bet but I can't find anything online. I was up there today and the frost stayed all day above 200ft.
  13. Yup. I had my proper snow Tuesday. Snowball fight before school with the nipper. Then the non settling cold raw variety this morning. Nagging wind. Roll. On. Spring.