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  1. Downpour

    Model Output Discussion - Autumn 2018

    Indeed so. Enjoy the Indian summer and think of winter would be my advice. The weather in October has zero correlation with that in January.
  2. Is this the ECM evening run? The overnight run also favoured spring over winter so a trendsetter one might hope... I love snow but am over it now.
  3. February still the quintessential winter month for our region. The month of the Thames Streamer - 91, 09, 18.
  4. If anything the showers seem to be pepping up as they come down the Thames from the estuary. Funny old night.
  5. Can’t see the lines on the pitch at Wembley. Brooms out or the game has to be abandoned under the laws of the game surely?
  6. 5-1 and Rochdale’s only option is to down tools and call for an abandonment!!
  7. The commentators are suggesting that Rochdale should keep pointing out the pitch condition to the ref!
  8. Lorente hat-trick pitch now covered in snow
  9. Absolutely billying it down at Wembley for the Spurs match on BT Sport
  10. There seems to a rather huge set of merged showers mobbing up just off the Suffolk coast and headed for our region – so merged are they that they present more as an organised band even though they are in fact a series of showers bleeding into one another.
  11. Chingford – the snow is back. North Sea snowmaker and wind direction looking interesting...
  12. Someone else who doesn't know which way around to shoot a video! https://www.wired.com/2013/08/tnhyut-video-in-portrait-mode/ Other than that – great tape!
  13. Chingford London E4 getting smashed. Schools still open. But for how long?