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  1. Yeah same as you, I'm fearing that a maximum-strength snow-shield will be assembled with specially reinforced deflectors over a 10 mile radius of Edinburgh Castle, with huge snowy radar blobs going north, south, east and west of us. But if these charts do come to pass at the start of next week then I'd say its close to impossible that we'd be able to avoid snow here.
  2. If these easterly synpotics play out as we hope, then for east coasters/central scotlanders it always takes a day or two for reality to catch up with these legendarily and confusingly poor precipitation forecasts. Going by previous outbreaks then often nothing better than wintry showers / snow flurries are indicated here on forecasts. I expect by sometime monday into Tuesday then the radar and now-casting will tell an entirely different story
  3. Even allowing for the fact that it's just supercomputers churning out 1's and 0's, I think that GFS 18z has to be the most amazing cold/snow run I've ever seen. It's off the scale. Epic bordering on cataclysmic. Any downgrades to come would make it only moderately severe...
  4. God that went well. Anyway, what I meant to say was I'm hoping for a re-run of Dec 2010, The last time Arthurs seat/Salisbury crags was a ski-park and the only-time I heard a genuine avalanche warning being issued
  5. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/lRJldrUKaDs" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  6. In a heartbeat you would !
  7. Absolutely. From recent-ish experience (winter 2010/11 and parts of 2009/10) we all know that's more than sufficient. -8 850's or colder will do the trick here. Need an ENE flow for the jackpot, we don't want Fifers and folk from Berwickshire stealing our snaw !
  8. Good thinking ! I don't feel confident enough yet to call it from a local perspective. It could still turn out to be a chiefly southerners event or even hold-off to the east... But suffice to say if the models hold true then there's no doubt in my mind we'll see very similar snow impacts and depths to previous easterly outbreaks of this type. They're often heralded by BBC forecasts that don't indicate there'll be much snow here, when the synoptics are screaming otherwise. It's been a permanent blind spot in their forecasting.
  9. And long overdue ! Radar shows another nice big blob approaching Dunblane/Stirling, looks like it might follow the same track as the wee snaw-bomb we just had here.
  10. Tailing off now but it was a good one. Will hardly be digging out here in the morning but another one or two direct hits overnight would be welcome. Anyway, I feel we've joined the party now
  11. Snaw has been hammering down here in Leith for about 30 minutes, first time the radar has shown a perfectly aligned showed band hitting us. First decent covering here for 3 or 4 years I would say.
  12. Aye my window faces due west. Earlier on it was all going north of us and hitting Fife, and then it all started going south of us. The Embra snow-shield taking the p1ss as usual !
  13. Quite enjoyed it in a funny way. Apart from a relatively few genuinely mild days and nights it's always felt like Winter here. That makes a change from so many winters where folk post about daffodils sprouting in January and it certainly doesn't look like that's on the cards either. But yeah, I would like it to throw up a memorable cold /snow event, I think the chance for that is still there for us over the next couple of months.
  14. Just had a very heavy hail shower here in Leith as well. Enough to give a wee coating of slush.
  15. Could have been worse I guess. Just debating whether I should take me and the boy up to The Braids for a bit of sledging. If they've put an inch or so on that crusty layer from a few days ago then it might be a goer. If I win Euromillions I'm going to fund a PhD for someone to work out why we're generally cursed in otherwise potentially very promising situations here.