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  1. Finally stopped snowing here in coventry around 3am in the morning woke up to drip drip thaw even though we had more snow than 2018 but it isn't as cold as then. Cant complain though 2 good snow events this winter with many snow falling days!
  2. And astonishingly its still snowing here in coventry hasn't stopped since 9am!!
  3. Lol sorry but after so many disappointments im so happy that we have been under constant streamers all day!
  4. Guess what? Snow turned heavy again here in coventry! Complete white out!
  5. Still snowing here in coventry at least 5 to 6 cms easy!
  6. Yup showers will always be hit and miss. What will be interesting is when the atlantic tries to come in thats our best chance of significant snow!
  7. Yup amazing really 2010 we missed out and 2018 but today started poorly but its been great still snowing steadily and sticking as well! Thats 2 snowfall events this winter! No more complaining about the cov snow shield now
  8. Well this is amazing snowing heavily last half hour everything covered and good 3cms!
  9. Snow still falling here in coventry its dark now and the snow is settling nicely shame its not heavy but its been a ok day so far looking for the heavy stuff to hit later on
  10. Snowed all day here in cov got about 2cms lying. Strange day.
  11. Ermm i know i have been sarcastic about the snow here but in the last 20 mins its started to hammer it down in coventry everything is getting covered asap! WOW
  12. Yes im counting my lucky snow stars that i have this much! 🤣
  13. Update on the blizzard of cov 21...its been snowing since 9am but its so heavy that its reached 1cms. Amazing another cm and might need a red warning
  14. To illustrate to incompetence of the beeb forecast the next 5 hours and right now should be heavy snow but other than a few flakes flying around theres nothinf
  15. The great blizzard of 21 in coventry has stopped dumping 0.5cms of heavy drifting snow! What a event!!🤪
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