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  1. Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    It is very patchy: here in Mumbles there is barely 0.5cm whilst in Reynoldston there is a couple of inches.
  2. Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    Just noticed that the BBC weather app is now officially showing sleet for Swansea tomorrow. I know it's only sleet but it's major change!
  3. Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    I just want to see falling snow! This morning it was tantalisingly close as there were showers across the Bay towards Port Talbot which left a dusting of snow on the hills behind the town.
  4. Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    Those showers just don't want to move west! However, I notice that the BBC weather app is forecasting showers for later this afternoon in the Swansea area. The app is not always the best forecasting tool, but at these very short timescales they can be more reliable and let's hope this is one of them.
  5. Wales - Weather Chat

    It's been one of those cold spells! However, it looks like areas further west of here may do better.
  6. Wales - Weather Chat

    It has now turned to light rain here which is disappointing. It sums up this cold spell!
  7. Wales - Weather Chat

    After a disappointing weekend scanning raintoday and checking the dew point, I had given up on this cold spell. However, its just started snowing moderately and looking at the radar there is more to come. It's those fabulous large flakes you get in marginal situations. Temp is a bit high (2. and the dew point is marginal (0.2), but with a bit more intensity it might stick. What a surprise, just shows you should never give up!
  8. Wales - Weather Chat

    Finally have a negative dew point, allbeit only just (-0.2). Hopefully might see some snow from the showers coming through.
  9. Wales - Weather Chat

    Heavy snow here and settling. We are right on the coast.
  10. Wales - Weather Chat

    As I am so close to the coast I'm not expecting anything major here, but it would just be great to see falling snow, which would be the first time for almost exactly two years. Dew point is currently 3.4, but reassured that there is/has been snow in Crosshands aready.