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  1. Yeah I just went out in the ice stuff. When I came back in I was covered in a thin casing of ice!
  2. Saw the flash and heard the big bang here too
  3. They do fire late. They were definitely firing - it was far too regular to be thunder. If the conditions are right it can be pretty loud & you can almost feel it, even from Poole Maybe you could hear something from one of the channel storms as well.
  4. The tanks were firing at Lulworth - I could hear it from my house pretty clearly. I live on a hill and the sound carries straight across the harbour from over on the purbecks. B-BOOOOMMM
  5. Another from sandbanks tonight
  6. Just been down the beach and took this picture. That storm is now spreading right out
  7. Just about! I have a terraced garden on a hill - last night it was a serious waterfall but so far as I can tell it's still OK
  8. Sleep time I think. That storm was the best I've seen here for some years (still flashing away to the north!)
  9. Our drains are overflowing like fountains. I just stood outside for a bit and it was like nothing I've experienced outside of the tropics in recent years. And the rain is warm!
  10. Constant lightning now. Raining big chunky drops
  11. Lots of lightning now visible to the south and south west from Poole. Can hear thunder too. Still warm. Beer flowing