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    Links to Reports and Papers

    Work email today on this topic.
  2. Been too busy to wash them for a while and the fact there's been no rain meant the cars were fairly clean. Off work yesterday and gave them a good wash. OMG the fronts of them took forever. A scene of mass insect slaughter on a horrific scale. It had been getting to the point you couldn't see through the front windae for deid bugs. I mind coming home one night and they were so thick in the air they were literally patterning on the screen as the car cut them down in their hundreds. Like a scene from the swarm or something. Have to say that's the one thing I'm not missing about this return to more normal weather.
  3. Well, I don't know what the weather is like at Fort SS, but here in Oslo it's crackin. Norwegians have obviously been enjoying what we have so far this summer. And... Update on Mrs. Blackbird's bairns in the shed at home courtesy of mini miss SS.
  4. Gairden got a proper water again the day around lunchtime. Other than that, not a lot to report. Noticed that the torrential rain yesterday hasn't done any crop damage. But then this seems to be because everything looks rather short (so less susceptible to being flattened), I assume because it's been so dry. Only one plant oot the back at ours took a serious hit; a geranium we bought a few years back we now call 'the triffid'. Been getting too big for its roots and well, it's suffered for that when the big man upstairs emptied the bath right on us.
  5. scottish skier

    Cricket - Summer Season 2015 and onwards

    We'd better not gloat too much or before you know it, England will trash us at shinty. Or maybe caber tossing.
  6. Got some wee vids of that when the uploads thingy is going again. End of days / biblical downpour type rain.
  7. That or go oot fir a walk in a t-shirt wi nae brolly. That will bring things your way. Huge booms close to here now. All dark and foreboding. Aye pishin doon again too!
  8. Well, I literally just stepped in the door from the dug walk and the heavens opened. A close shave. Torrential. Gairden will be happy.
  9. That's more depth than some get all winter.
  10. Absolutely crackin day again; on holiday and enjoyed every minute of it. Even squeezed in a second dug walk in the evening just as the sun was starting to set. Flock of geese have taken up residence in a fallow field; no idea what the attraction is. I know I'm a winter / snaw weather fan, but the whole long hot summer thing does have something going for it.
  11. Escaped here so far; just some light drops at times with thunder in the distance all afternoon. Gone all dark and threatening oot now though. Which is great, as I've done the lawn etc.
  12. Just got the fright of my life when I went to put some scrap wood into the kindling bucket in the shed. Mummy blackbird suddenly flapping in my face. Back for a second year it seems. Luckily the weather is not the sort you need kindling for. 19 C and glorious.
  13. Sun breaking through here already. I don't normally get that excited about weather not involving snaw or hoolies, but this recent spell is great.
  14. Another lovely day here, although a tad chilly in the wind when the sun went behind the clouds when I was out cycling in a t-shirt earlier. Borders are turning that deep, rich green of late spring/early summer. My favourite time of year after winter. Phone snap from a previously unexplored route up onto the southern upland way. Light and camera both a bit crap! EDIT. Also shot looking south to Black Hill. Gorse in full, fragrant bloom.
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    Need Help On The Site/forum?

    That doesn't seem to have been the problem, but weirdly, the moment you responded to me, the problem went away. Thanks.
  16. scottish skier

    Need Help On The Site/forum?

    Recently, copying and pasting links directly into the comment box doesn't work for me. They don't register as links, just as plain text - I have to use the link button to make them work as links. Same for e.g. twitter tweet links. They don't automatically turn to embedded tweets any more. Image links are playing up too; I get thumbnails only when pasting in a link to an online image rather than the thumbnail which is linking to the actual big version. Been like this for a week or two. Seems to be just me as others are embedding tweets ok. I tried some different browers and signing in / out etc, but couldn't solve it. Did I maybe press something on forum settings? Anyone any ideas? Would be appreciated thanks.
  17. Frost overnight here. Was -0.7 C an hour ago. Not sure the garden appreciated it! Now 0.9 C and sunny.
  18. Full size if clicking the above doesn't work:
  19. Yesterday was lovely and topped out in the high teens. After getting the days domestic tasks done, managed a late afternoon cycle up the back along the southern upland way (phone snaps below) followed by a cold beer in the gairden. Gorse is coming into bloom, giving a lovely scent in the breeze. Today cooler and wet at times; managed to give the lawn its first cut in between occasional showers. And so the mowing season begins. Currently pishin doon.
  20. Lovely warm spring day here with hazy sunshine. few snaps from dug walk. Deer have been really common around here of late. Getting photos is tricky though as they of course always keep a respectable distance. @Hairy Celt Enjoy the summer rubber. Had my first outing on mine yesterday.
  21. Glorious oot. Sun shining, birds tweeting in the trees. Daffs in bloom. Perfect weather for changing to summer tyres. However, that's the lawn coming back to life too. Won't be long before the mowing season begins anew.
  22. Aye, right pea souper out there. On the way back from Hillend it was thick haar all the way to this side of Soutra. Cold and dank too; decided tae keep the bunnet oan when skiing. --- Winter tyres coming off this weekend. Finally.
  23. Paused briefly on the way hame tae take a picture and make a wee video. A68 fala aboot 3 pm. It was mainly wet and slushy this side of Soutra apart from above 250m or so, but that's all changed in the last hour. Absolute white out with huge fat flakes and accumulating quickly now at fort SS. VID-20180404-WA0005.mp4
  24. Positively alpine. An inch+ o' snaw at Hillend now.