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  1. Just a few powdery granules fell overnight, not enough for a covering but wife and myself just remarking at the wind. Far worse than when Ophellia arrived, have to be honest and admit I'm glad we didn't have snow to go along with it, would have been crazy conditions. Had to pick up spuds from Tesco yesterday and the roof of a trolley bay blew off and hit a ladies car, not good when folks property getting damaged.
  2. Noticed that here too, my thermometer reading has went from 0.0° to 0.4° over this last couple of hours. Still dry as a bone outside too, not a flake in sight.
  3. Sure didn't my heating just go and pack in,boiler isn't firing up. Never happens in the middle of summer, lol. Have the open fire lit so all good and hopefully will get someone out in next day or two to sort it. Enjoy any snow folks, still nothing here.
  4. Not a flake on the ground here, cars aren't frosted over. Beast from the east, lol, maybe it'll turn up later.
  5. Nothing to add to the weather discussion but I just clicked on your profile pic thinking it had something to do with the weather for the incoming week. I was well had there.
  6. Lmao, came on here to see if there was snow on the way and read your post. Looked out the window and couldn't believe it, big flakes and things getting covered. Maybe I should have looked out window first.
  7. Woke up to a bit of a covering but that's all it was, very light. Had expected more but sure see what the day brings.
  8. Beautiful day to be out enjoying the snow. Had the wee fella out earlier and managed to get a pic in too.
  9. As you were saying earlier Ronan, we seem to do well in this part of the world, suppose it's the Belfast hills with a bit more altitude. That last band has just passed but think your right, see another one following not too far behind. Hope you get a bit more up in your neck of the woods too.
  10. Been heavy here this last half hour or so. That's 7" on the handrail from last night.
  11. Here's my snow pic of the day. Our light up Santas were all sporting Afro hairdos earlier when I came home from work.
  12. Just a couple of pics from a lovely foggy walk this morning up Cavehill. First I've popped on this winter, usually check in to see how everyone is getting on with the snow but not too much in the way of that this year. In saying that, I did enjoy the dry spell (albeit dull) earlier in the winter, was nice to have plenty of opportunity to get out and about without getting soaked. Hopefully see a wee touch before spring but have to see it's nice seeing the days lengthen too. Anyway, stunning views from Cavehill earlier of the fog, these pics don't do it any justice but a lovely crisp morning to be out for a wander.
  13. Tried to post this last night but messed up. Took a walk up Cavehill, beautiful clear skies, plenty of snowing lying and great views over Belfast.
  14. Hi folks, hope you all had a lovely Christmas. Thought I'd stop by a share a pic from the other morning I was very fortunate to get. With all the heavy rain and winds we've been having this is one from between the storms. This was the view of Belfast blanketed in fog. I've been up the Cavehill many times but this was one of my most rewarding visits, the views were simply incredible.
  15. Thats the kind of weather I was wishing for, beautiful frosty morning, love it.
  16. Horrible day out there, roll on some decent weather. Would love to see some lovely crisp frosty mornings instead of that oul muck we've been getting threw at us all winter.
  17. Happened to look out and we have a fair covering outside which I honestly wasn't expecting at all as we're well to the east. My fence blew down one day early last week with the winds so made an attempt to hurricane proof it at the weekend so I'll likely come home from work tomorrow night and see it down again.
  18. Snowing quite heavy in Newtownabbey, Co. Antrim. Cars and street white now, finally nice to see.
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