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  1. So, you're basing this on historical ensemble behaviours? OK. Nothing scientific? I think I'll wait for this evening runs before I comment. No denying that the models in the 7+ day range have trended away from the very cold based on the latest runs though.
  2. ECM192 is a great chart. Look at those heights building. It's only going to get colder from that point. Good charts this evening.
  3. And, it all looks to be playing out in deep mid-winter. An ever increasing colder output is being firmed up on now. Still outside the reliable, but looking good for cold weather/snow aficionado's.
  4. Jason H

    Super Typhoon JEBI

    I'd be interested in anyone's thoughts on this. My daughter is due into Osaka Wednesday at 6pm. Whilst it would have blown through by then, is it strong enough to cause widespread damage? It certainly looks like it could based on current parameters.
  5. Still going here. Heavy rain. Lightening overhead then should have woken Bexleyheath
  6. I've just been woken by an approaching storm from the South West. Looking pretty dark in that direction
  7. You lot crack me up. Storm shields a plenty. Not here in Bexleyheath. Two storms so far. The last one was a cracker!
  8. Tropical blobs of rain in Bexleyheath now. The atmosphere is about to go pop I think
  9. Agreed, 2018 has delivered the goods so far. Snow, plumes, storms, serious heat. Classic stuff. Just no hurricane's please in autumn.
  10. Yesterday was unbelievably hot and humid. It doesn't feel as oppressive today though. Just perfect!
  11. Utterly glorious summers day here in Bexleyheath. Hot, not a cloud in the sky. It can go like this all summer if it wants.
  12. The London storm shield that was breached Saturday, Monday & Tuesday?
  13. Dark as night here in Bexleyheath. Heavy rain, thunder, lightning. Third storm in four days. Lovely stuff!
  14. Light snow being whipped around in a vicious wind in Bexleyheath