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  1. Still flirting with this part of the world. Fantastic lightning. Blue in hue, hardly any thunder and dry. This part of the world has had a lot of high based storms this year.
  2. High based, very electrical, no rain here though
  3. Constant low rumbling to the North. Still building by the looks of it. Chelmsford looks to be the path for this storm.
  4. The train of storms to the North of London
  5. This is what I am expecting to happen. Cold with light flurries in the East at first. As time goes by, with the block in place, colder air will eventually filter around from the far East with a chance of something a little more substantial possible. A classic slow burning Easterly set-up based on tonight's outputs and the professionals at Exeter.
  6. The longer the Scandi High stays in situ, the more chance colder air will get advected West. Good models tonight for those of a cold, snowy persuasion.
  7. I do like the look of the UKMO 144. That high pressure to the North East is going all the way over the pole! The GEM, whilst looking good, seems a bit unrealistic to me.
  8. Look at that Northern Blocking. The outlook is cold looking at the model output from today. The FI on 18z is going to be something to behold.
  9. Correct. A lovely sight, not seen for a while. Will be checking the FAX charts for evidence of this rare beast
  10. Please. At least let us drool at the FI eye candy. We'll leave the serious stuff off Euro slugs and shortwaves to the experts
  11. Great ECM run. Cold for most of the run. Hights building North. Easterly looks on the cards
  12. It's the weather. The rain is needed. Don't be such a drama queen
  13. That how I used to tell if a storm was close by. No need for webcams and radars. Ah, the innocent good old days