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  1. The London storm shield that was breached Saturday, Monday & Tuesday?
  2. Dark as night here in Bexleyheath. Heavy rain, thunder, lightning. Third storm in four days. Lovely stuff!
  3. Light snow being whipped around in a vicious wind in Bexleyheath
  4. Weren't you dismissing this cold spell earlier this week?
  5. The Fax charts for tonight and the shift in wind direction in the outer reaches of the Thames would suggest that things are still very much game on for North Kent, Essex, London, Surrey.... Let's see what tonight brings.
  6. If it was longer than 30 minutes, it wouldn't be a shower
  7. Yup. And those showers North of Margate SHOULD now start to march up the Thames.... and hopefully......
  8. Winds are beginning to back more Easterly, out over the far East of Kent. Still not there yet though.
  9. If that verifies, that'll bring more people into the frame. The latest Fax chart that is!
  10. Look at that Northern blocking. That's a stunning chart! Snow possible anywhere over the UK!
  11. Totally crazy chart. Unlikely to be verify, surely!
  12. What a chart. Greenland about to turn yellow. Pattern getting locked. If only it were early January........ JOKE!