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  1. Right down the bottom end of Cornwall. The children are hoping , it's all they are talking about. But I don't think we are in for snow this time ?
  2. Did you used to be able to see where people lived when they wrote a comment, because its harder to known where you are when talking snow. From the middle down to the bottom of Cornwall. Snow can plop right in the middle. Im sure it used to say name and area.
  3. Hello have been a member of this group for a good few years...i always pop in during these colder months on hope of snow. I've just read the post and I am ones of those invisible ones who pop in read and pop out. I have no knowledge of weather but do curtain watch and hop and hope we get a sprinkle of the white stuff. So popping in and saying hi :):)
  4. Looks like we further day Cornwall are just gonna see rain what a shame... Have to say today was very cold brrrr... O would love to see some snow , so I'm still holding on
  5. Once again I think we will be missed to far southwest ( near Truro ).... Have fun who gets the snow :)
  6. Think we are too far down west to see any white stuff... fingers crossed just a little..
  7. Yes agree was in Falmouth shopping today and it was warm but later on in the day the temp did drop... Yes weather can be strange
  8. Just had slushy snow... my boys and I were so excited... was only a flutter but was good to be standing in it...
  9. It felt rather warm today on our beach walk, didn't have to wear coats... don't think snow be be here any time soon.
  10. on my mind is... i want to see white stuff falling from the sky.... , and not a dive bombing seagull... :)

  11. Hiya .... is back again, every year I pop back to watch the excitment of snow watch : let's hope this year cornwall sees a good flutter..
  12. Pennsylvania a friend would like to know if snow would be coming her way soon ???? thanks
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