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  1. Here in Berlin it's either cold & dry or wet but but just 1-2c too warm for snow. But always cloudy.. always always.

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    2. Eugene


      So a deep pool of arctic air will give Europe cloudy skies, but sorry that's aload of nonsense, arctic airstreams are very clear goto scandinavia to see that, wonderful winters up there, summers aren't great either Thundery, some people absolutely hate the intense heat eastern/central Europe gets, its much easier to stay warm in cold weather than stay cool in hot weather as we all know in the UK

    3. MP-R


      Hmm that sounds an awful lot like recent cold spells here... Though at least there's been plenty of sunshine here this winter.

    4. Bottesford


      Yes summers are first class - things get 'stuck' with lots of sunny warm days around 25c and the odd thunderstorm. Good place to get stuck! Winter however.. tedious bar the odd really cold/snowy spell.

      Eugene- come to Berlin and see for yourself how cloudy it is in winter under cold air. Also while you're at it - compare the mood of the city in July to that of January and you'll see exactly what most people prefer! It's like a different place completely.

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