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  1. -2.5c, dp -6c and wind chill of -10c. Sooo glad I work from home these days!

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    2. gottolovethisweather


      Intriguingly the 850s are suggesting I'm under 7c or so uppers at 3 miles up in the atmosphere right now, th reality at the surface is only 6.6c and steady for a few hours. If the forecast 850s of -2 to -4c materialise over the coming days, I would say it will feel quite especially on Tuesday and Wednesday, welcome back meteorological Winter!

    3. Nick L

      Nick L

      850hpa is approximately 1500m, so around 1 mile rather than 3, just FYI :)

    4. gottolovethisweather


      ah sorry Nick, Thanks. Its the H500 chart readings which are three miles high, apolgies. Still makes me wonder why the difference? Cloud cover limiting it perhaps, one for you?

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