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  1. Wow what a contrast to yesterday. Pleasant cycle in shorts replaced by cold, soaking ride home and needing the lights on when I get in. Noticed a vast increase in traffic and vast decrease in people out & about...

    1. cheese


      So you're telling me people do not like walking outside when it's cold and raining? Wow, what a revelation.. lol. I haven't been anywhere today so I've enjoyed watching and hearing the rain fall against my windows while I've been in front of the TV with a cup of hot tea. It's a hard life! Back to work on Monday though.

    2. Bottesford


      Yep just an observation... just not so much a fan of this hide in houses/cars thing myself... like the interaction!

    3. Eugene


      LOL you want interaction yet you do a mainly solitary pursuit , get off that bike and walk then you can interact with people , yesterday is the kind of day you warmies like in winter anyway

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