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  1. Thinking this will be the last day I get to come to work in shorts :( Even worse we may need heating in the house this weekend judging by the dire forecasts!

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    2. Bottesford


      True the sun is strong in June/July but longer daylight hours give more flexibility to your plans - even more so if you're at work!

      This 'excessive' word you use in relation to heat... not something I've experienced! Mid-high 20s (which July mostly was) is just warm-very warm not 'heat'.

    3. Bottesford


      Although we're finding our office is actually hotter this week than in July as the sun is lower so strikes more of the room inc our desks (unlike in July).

      In contrast my house gets even less sun than before which is no good thing!

    4. cheese


      Well that's very subjective isn't it - mid to high 20s is too warm for some. 27-29C feels hot when I'm the sun and I have lost count of how many times I've heard people complaining about the heat when it's only 26C, and that is not unusual in the summer.

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