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  1. Thinking this will be the last day I get to come to work in shorts :( Even worse we may need heating in the house this weekend judging by the dire forecasts!

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    2. karyo


      My office feels like it is built over an active volcano! Always warm and sometimes uncomfortable

    3. Bottesford


      Yes temperature is very subjective I know so I hope you won't mind me calling 14c cold tomorrow ;)

      Our office is boiling in sunlight (but at least you get air in) and cold in winter (and devoid of fresh air). Most tricky weather is cold, sunny weather as it gets well warm in here briefly but opening a window turns it rapidly cold esp as the sun drops. Airlessness bothers me more than temperatures in here though- headache central!

    4. cheese


      Sure - 14C is cold for early September during the day. It sure felt cold to me on the last day of August with a temp of 17C and strong winds.

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