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  1. Really looking forward to some proper summer heat for first time in 7 years - and for the first time since I moved to my chilly house. Finally a chance to make best use of the place with it providing a cool refuge instead of a cold corner!

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    2. Cloudwatcher


      It's the range of the thing that concerns me,this was being touted about as early as Thursday last week by some. So 10-14 days ahead, with the unpredicability we have experienced recently? I just think it's being massively ramped and can envisage some disappointed voices here this time next week

    3. Cloudwatcher


      people are already talking 30c plus...really???

    4. AderynCoch


      I'm definitely hoping this turns out to be a proper hot spell and not just a flash-in-the-pan, because the mostly not-that-bad days which had dominated since the second week of June have now turned into proper crud. Today wouldn't have been out of place this time last year. Warm spell - please don't revert to this dire rubbish in a hurry.

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