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  1. Crystal Palace to raise bid for Liverpool’s Christian Benteke to record £31.5m https://www.theguardian.com/football/2016/jul/04/crystal-palace-up-bid-christian-benteke-liverpool?CMP=share_btn_tw Benteke edging closer to Liverpool FC exit as Palace increase bid to £31.5m http://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/benteke-edging-closer-liverpool-fc-11565401 Happy Days
  2. Well i know some on this forum have little or no love for him but i will be the first to say, Thank you Nigel for everything you have done with out you their would of been no vote, You will go down in history Thank you, Now might be a good time for Bojo to defect and lead.....
  3. Welsh again Welsh.. Seems to be hard for you to say that word...
  4. I congratulate your honesty when its put to u
  5. My welsh friend who is over at mine just said a few choise words about this i.e your racist and wrong and dont speak for wales
  6. Where over in wales Wales Leave 52.5% 854,572 VOTES Remain 47.5%
  7. Again for a start.. You missed out Welsh And Scotish... Since their voted for the SNP.. So again if thats how you want to push it.. U need look at your self and think again
  8. I personay find it funny that some people r trying to hijack this topic let them vote let them lose and again crawl up in a ball
  9. UDI means? But yes its wrong every EU person who is here now should not have deportation over their head
  10. Remind me how Scots voted? In their once in a life time vote.. Some people can go on the same narrative... But their lost and should get over it.. If vote again their will lose. Shame certain people have a genders on here Their should accept their in the minority democracy decides
  11. What a race what a finish! Fantastic from Hamilton Rosberg paied the price for trying to take them both out! He needs the book thrown at him plus a penetly for next race.
  12. Leadsom: I will trigger Article 50 straight away Andrea Leadsom has this morning vowed to trigger Article 50 as soon as she becomes Prime Minister if she wins the Conservative leadership election. In a busy morning of TV shows and radio interviews Ms Leadsom stumbled over whether she would publish her tax returns, eventually agreeing to do so. Her leadership rivals Michael Gove and Theresa May both agreed to do the same. In an interview in the Sunday Telegraph Ms Leadsom, a Vote Leave campaigner, laid claim to the mantle of Baroness Thatcher as she launched her campaign to become the second woman to serve as Britain’s Prime Minister. In a highly personal interview, the energy minister reveals the central role her Christian faith plays in guiding her politics and her life. The Brexit supporter sets out her plan for a fast-track process of pulling out of the European Union, suggesting that the country could leave as soon as next year.
  13. Your in for a shock... Their is 10 army bases atound here.. For exmple that do not apear on a map.. iv been in four since my dad has clearance i do not.. but dad does so iv been cleared like i said 4 times Liam Fox secretive.. Sure wrong no, Hung to dry as it happens all round the country/
  14. I love the good DR just look at oast posts extremely constisant.. Write him of at your parel, If he makes out of first round game on.. All of South west will swing to him. sadly he will not. i pray he does. but he will not. Anyways your in for a surprise.. his surprt is in mid 40 so he is lead brexiter... among mps.. at the minute
  15. Simple yes no..Did wales Vote out Yes, Thank you!
  16. i am trying to get my head round this i guess white welsh r not in your bday card list aswell?
  17. Welsh for one? R do you not recognize them?
  18. I am sorry Whites Offend mountain shadow
  19. Please explain? Before i report this post?
  20. Think its best ignores. no need to stoop to his level
  21. Why would i? I would let welsh defend them selfs... But this is sad... MS only 4 percent surport Welsh independence you do not speak for them...
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