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  1. i guess this is the right topic i think someone about to hate me Maury County NAACP LEADER
  2. Was Dodgy Dave a Religious nutter? article back from 014 David Cameron has insisted that being a Christian helps make him a better politician. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/religion/10905469/Cameron-tells-MPs-Christianity-can-make-politicians-good.html Being a parent though is apparently a crime as you look after your children's future... The exact line remain were making Cameron urges voters to 'think of children' before EU choice http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-eu-referendum-36587819 I find some of the hypocrisy amusing
  3. You can vote for Jezza. 3 pound your vote will count Labour know that.. Their regret their 3 pound a pop vote.. But it is what it is.. And their have their biggest members in history
  4. So did alot of religions, I hope you remember them aswell
  5. So it begins Deutsche Bank's Chief Economist Calls For €150 Billion Bailout Of European Banks The cards have been tipped, and it appears Italy's Prime Minister may have been right. Recall that in the aftermath of Brexit, much of the investing public's attention has turned to Italian banks which are in desperate need of a bailout as a result of €360 billion in bad loans growing worse by the day (and not a bail-in as European regulations mandate) to avoid a freeze and/or collapse of Italy's banking sector. This has pushed stock prices - and default risk - on Italian banks to record levels. So far Italy's bailout requests have mostly fallen on deaf ears, as Germany's political leaders have resisted Renzi's recurring pleas for a taxpayer funded rescue. However, as we have alleged, and as the Italian Prime Minister admitted last week, the core risk for Europe is not just the Italian banking sector but the biggest bank of all in Europe: Deutsche Bank. Recall last Thursday, when speaking at a joint news conference with Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven, Renzi said other European banks had much bigger problems than their Italian counterparts. "If this non-performing loan problem is worth one, the question of derivatives at other banks, at big banks, is worth one hundred. This is the ratio: one to one hundred," Renzi said.
  6. Rosberg should be disqulified told how to fix a issue..Breaks all the rules
  7. Torys dont like their own members. Neither do labour.. UKIP election win?
  8. We once had a PM chosen By no one but Blair... Some people should remember that. At least Torys can vote.. People who hate.. Can Hate cry me a river.. Again i find it amusing Vile Woman.. Just two weeks ago Remain Big key messege.. If you have kids vote for remain becouse it is their future. You have a stacke in the future i.e your future, Dont let them down. Leadsom I have kids i have a streak in future though them i wont let them down, Remain and tabloid press "Vile woman" some people on here need look at them self and so do the press r i am going to start quating certain people on here who said along that line. yet now despise her for doing so. Just took screen shots of posts unlucky you cant delete them. I find it sad some people who painted the same picture two weeks ago.. R now trying to crusifie leadsom.. Yet i think i will hold them to account i.e i think some on here know who their r and if want to keep doing it some screenshots of posts will be posted.
  9. Im 26 r u disgrading my vote? Most people round here my age voted and younger may i add to leave the EU... Seems like some polsters have ingrainded self in some people vote a certain way I think some people need to wake up smell the coco and move on i find it sad people need such figures to realize their lost with out making blame on on age r ethnic groups
  10. So Nippon Upper house elections tomorrow. If Abe Wins then expect the we wont fight abroad mandate after ww2 to be lifted and their will defend islands that china r going to claimb Nippon and Asia Need World Help to stop Chinese aggression. Even a passive nation is going to re write laws.. To confront China
  11. She going to one week she isant the next now she is... Eagle To Challenge Corbyn For Labour Leadership Labour's Angela Eagle has said she will announce a bid for the party leadership on Monday morning. It follows a period during which current leader Jeremy Corbyn has faced a series of resignations from his shadow ministerial team, and lost a vote of no confidence. In a statement, Ms Eagle said: "I will explain my vision for the country and the difference a strong Labour Party can make." http://news.sky.com/story/eagle-to-challenge-corbyn-for-labour-leadership-10496779 Popcorne at the ready and a crushing humiliating defete coming for Eagle
  12. I fort i would post just this one thing here... With out sounding smug .. Time to move on Remainers. the real figure is open to debate but any hows Brexit: Government rejects petition signed by 4 million calling for second EU referendum http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/07/09/brexit-government-rejects-petition-for-second-referendum/ petition signed by 4.1 million people calling for a second Brexit referendum has been formally rejected by the Government. It called for a re-run in case there was a narrow victory for either Leave or Remain. Since it was started, the petition it has been the most-signed Government petition since the process was introduced in 2011. The Foreign Office has now formally rejected it saying that 33 million people have had their say and “the decision must be respected”. Usually when a petition on parliament's website gains 100,000 signatures, the Petitions Committee considers it for a parliamentary debate. In a statement it said: "The EU Referendum Act received Royal Assent in December 2015. The Act was scrutinised and debated in Parliament during its passage and agreed by both the House of Commons and the House of Lords. "The Act set out the terms under which the referendum would take place, including provisions for setting the date, franchise and the question that would appear on the ballot paper. "The Act did not set a threshold for the result or for minimum turnout. "As the Prime Minister made clear in his statement to the House of Commons on June 27, the referendum was one of the biggest democratic exercises in British history with over 33 million people having their say. "The Prime Minister and Government have been clear that this was a once in a generation vote and, as the Prime Minister has said, the decision must be respected. "We must now prepare for the process to exit the EU and the Government is committed to ensuring the best possible outcome for the British people in the negotiations." I think a post Brexit topic needs to be made as either way this topic only bying time till one is made. Maybe then some on this topic will accept reality and stop trying to belittle and bully people.
  13. Again Remain was saying people with no children dont have a stack in the future...What she said was pretty much what remain was saying for months
  14. Again the level of hypocrisy is some what bewildering, The EU campaign. What was Remains key message? Think of your children's future... Leadsom being a parent i have to think of my children's future..... She has already promised to bring the Fox hunting bill to parliament to over turn it, Again city folk dont like rats in their houses. Country folk dont like vermon in their fields i.e foxes, City folk can be up in arms where country folk will welcome it back with open arms
  15. I think her comments will go down well with Tory party members who family life is key with, Some of you can think what you like but this will go down well with Tory grass roots. Basically a story over nothing,Smear Leadsom campegin, Since shes more popular already with tory party members then may is
  16. We won personal attacks on dyslexia you do not have, But sadly today i was openly abused and made fun of on this forum for it. Regarding your self i will debate you anytime as you know, I am not going to debate with people who personaly attack my disability
  17. I have decided to leave this topic, Some people Bully out right attack for no reason and make fun, I am not going to put up with that, Today some people on here decided to just bullies me, Again i am not putting up with that, If these people need to feel better for doing it well done i wont mention names but im sure most know who their r, I find it sad that people will openly bully people that their do not agree with I hope you all debate well, But i wont put my self at risk of personalize bullying as i was today, When you have zero respect for people you can not debate with them, I will not be debating with people who ganged up and tries to openly bully me
  18. Lovely use of translate app basic hiragana and kanji
  19. I speak Japanese? Do their? No i guess not. Thanks
  20. I dont Speak German so simple google translate World on Sunday: You said before the vote also: "In is out is out in.". What's "out" today? Schäuble: I have used this phrase to express request of the UK Treasury. Welt am Sonntag: The British have asked just a German for this? Schäuble: Yes, George Osborne asked me to come to London to strengthen the "Remain" camp and to show that a Proposed referendum on United Kingdom membership of the European Union would be an irreversible step. Each voter had to know: Just who is a member of the club, the rules of the club has a say. That's why I said this sentence. Actually, I have it no copyright. Here it is in German Welt am Sonntag: Sie sagten vor der Abstimmung auch: "In is in. Out is out". Was heißt "out" heute? Schäuble: Ich habe diese Formulierung auf ausdrückliche Bitte des britischen Finanzministers gebraucht. Welt am Sonntag: Die Briten haben ausgerechnet einen Deutschen dafür gefragt? Schäuble: Ja, George Osborne bat mich, nach London zu kommen, um das "Remain"-Lager zu stärken und aufzuzeigen, dass ein Brexit ein unumkehrbarer Schritt sein würde. Jeder Wähler musste wissen: Nur wer Mitglied des Klubs ist, kann die Regeln des Klubs mitbestimmen. Deswegen habe ich diesen Satz gesagt. Eigentlich habe ich dafür kein Copyright.
  21. by by mis may as i said
  22. Oh dear typical leftie i find it sad. People like you just need try insult people, I mean 3.9 million voted for UKIP and im sorry people like me do not register in your head, But i ED STONE knows best, Democrasy not dictatorship is best ED
  23. The world queues up to win trade deals with Britain after Brexit: America is clamouring for a deal while talks are set to begin with Australia, South Korea and India http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3672815/World-queues-win-trade-deals-Britain-Brexit.html?ito=social-facebook
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