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  1. Reminds me of that powdery snow in March 2018 here. Great to see
  2. Just started here in the S Wales Valleys. Fine powdery snow instantly covering everything. Great to see Reports of snow in Neath and Port Talbot both at sea level The midlands should do v well indeed and the band is way bigger than I anticipated too 😊
  3. Starting to pivot so where this does so will receive a pasting Prob somewhere in S Midlands I would say would be sweet spot later but who Knows Let’s hope it pivots over the Valleys 😊
  4. Yep, very fine snow covered everything immediately Looking forward to the heavier stuff
  5. Remember that Derek is a mild ramper Always errs on the side of caution
  6. Thank you to everyone for the temps and dew points Looks like it’s all pretty favourable What is the Dam right now 525? Or less?
  7. What are the air temps and DP’s around the south and south east parts of Wales? Cheers J
  8. As we all know Jay these situations are SO fluid It’s just a case of radar watching I think you’ll get some where you are in N Cardiff and further N up the Valleys should fair well Im hoping here in Aberdare we get 1-3”
  9. There will definitely be some surprises All I want is enough to take my 3 year old up Rhigos mountain and get pulled around in his sledge Ive managed to create a 3.5 year old crazy snow fan already He’s going to be so upset if daddy’s wrong 😂😂
  10. I’m pretty bullish on tomorrow’s snow for the SE of Wales Looking at ALL the models the valleys/heads of the valleys seem to do pretty well We also have the potential of the snow clearing early morning and then pivoting back over us Somewhere imo could end up with 4-6 hours of pretty decent snowfall As always though radar watching will be the best tool come morning J
  11. Looks like the H ot V area will do well. Brynmawr to Hirwaun I’m expecting 1-3” here in Aberdare .....and coming through at the perfect time of day too There will be quite big variations in depths I’m sure and a few surprises and possibly disappointments But for the vast majority of S Wales this is our best opportunity of the winter so far to make a snow man 😊
  12. Cwmbach around 150m ASL IMG_6417.MOV IMG_6418.MOV
  13. Well this weekend is certainly the best chance of the winter so far I think Feb will bring something more noteworthy At least this winter has been more interesting than last years. Apart from the horrendous flooding it was just mild and boring here with v little snow to speak of even on the hills 1400’ around Aberdare This year I’ve had 3-4 trips out with my 3 yr old to play in the snow higher up 👍
  14. Where do you live? It’s a pain not having people’s locations by their avatars on iPhone, you have to go into their profiles and it looks like you’re creeping on them 😂😂
  15. It’s nice to cherry pick the bad one this time as all major models point to a decent event 💪
  16. Looks like a pretty decent chance for most of the country here.
  17. 100% pretty much no marginality on Sunday apart from possibly the immediate coast
  18. I think the event on early Sunday morning is going to be our best bet for widespread snow. And looks like it’s coming through at the perfect time for Wales too. This system looks like it will deposit snow for most places unlike later today and tonight I’m hoping here in Aberdare where we are over 100m we should get 2-4” by Sunday morning
  19. Personally I think the upper valleys from Hirwaun over to Brynmawr (HoV) will do well lower down towards Ponty/Nantga’ will get a covering. Cardiff I expect falling snow but will be dependent on time of day and whether we have any solar heating before as to weather it settles I’ll be heading over to Tredegar way and left off the HoV road into the Beacons, that’s where I expect the biggest totals and an ice day ill grab some photos too and share them here
  20. As I mentioned yesterday I think a lot of Wales will get a covering over the next 36/48 hours It now seems the dying cold front will be reinvigorated by a trough that lies to the NE and that is set to move through wales later tonight and tomorrow I personally think there will be a few surprises Dew points and uppers all favourable 5-10 miles inland as well as surface temps being sub zero The sweet spot I expect to get 5-10cms with 1-3cms quite widely across the nation but particularly in mid and SE wales That’s my take anyway Views?
  21. You watch, Thursday night Friday morning will take everyone by surprise. I think a lot will be waking up to a covering. Ground temps much colder now and perfect timing re fronts movement over our area. front seems to pep up over South Wales too plus it’s been modelled pretty consistently for a couple of days now maybe the snow gods are on our side this time!!
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