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  1. Sat and Sunday’s events are sliders with forcing from the wedge of heights to the north Tuesday is a SW-NE event as the fronts plough through
  2. It would be a blink and you miss it type of event
  3. Not a fan of that model tbh The hi-res ECM pretty much nailed the last one. I’d stick to that personally but it’s always nice to see the others fall into line as the event approaches
  4. More places in S Wales will see snow later on Sunday overnight into Monday It won’t be crisp and even, rather slushy and transient and on sat and we may have to rely on evaporative cooling more than on Sunday away from 150m asl where snow will fall widely on sat But we all know that knife edge snow events surprise even the pros and they can also provide quite severe conditions very quickly. I’ve seen heavy rain with flooded roads turn to heavy settling snow which laid down 6” in just a few hours when I lived in Kent. 5 miles away the Precip stayed as rain. Crazy!!
  5. I think you’ll be swayed by close of play tomorrow 😉
  6. An exciting weekend end coming up As expected the models are slowly correcting south The best chances for nationwide snow are growing on Sunday now as temps even in the Capital will struggle just a few degrees above freezing Saturday will depend more on elevation than Sunday but somewhere along the Heads of the Valleys should score on both days with Saturdays snow topped up nicely on Sunday before later Monday we see a thaw set in Then it looks by the following weekend temps take another dive with the snow risk increasing again Mark my word I think the warning area
  7. An interesting 48 hours coming up There’s no way that ANY model has this nailed yet My thoughts? It Will correct south and bring into play the Valleys and SE Wales As for Cardiff I think prob rain and maybe some transient back edge sleet or snow Aberdare I think will sit on the boundary. But HoV will do well as will Beacons, Brecon etc My guess is the Warning zone won’t change But expect surprises just south of it
  8. A blend of the ECM and UKMO would give parts of mid/se wales and the s midlands some snow. Also EC particularly highlights snow into Home Counties too It will not be resolved yet but IMO any high ground above 200m in the south of the UK highlighted above would probably see falling and settling snow and maybe a transient event lower down (snow to rain or vice versa)
  9. If you look North and play the radar loop as the low moves away expect that blob up near the N of ireland to be pulled this way
  10. Just had another heavy snow shower in Aberdare still around freezing here. No dripping to be heard
  11. Here in Wales (valleys) it’s passed through and given a very nice 2-3” here near Aberdare Hope you all in the Midlands get the same show. Temp dropped and snow powdery now and still snowing very lightly Video from around 30 minutes ago with an appearance from our resident Owl IMG_6440.MOV
  12. Clear skies now and temp dropped. Snow is powdery now
  13. Still snowing here in Aberdare (and owl too) IMG_6440.MOV
  14. Interesting The met office see the front moving back through Wales later on today
  15. Current state of affairs in Aberdare IMG_6430.MOV
  16. You couldn’t really have timed this event any better Frozen ground, sub zero temps and dew points and a very active front Perfect!!!
  17. Wow 😳 Great to see you got your snow too Jay
  18. I think for many this is the best snow since 2018. Certainly is here in Aberdare
  19. I said yesterday I was hoping for 1-3” here in Aberdare. Looking on track to get that as it’s not long started and already it’s covered everything
  20. That’s a cracking chunk of snow cloud to get through here in Aberdare
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