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  1. Still think this could shift another 150 miles south yet maybe more. lots of runs to go with this trend.
  2. Yeah south midlands prob lol our time will come ( hopefully) just need to send gp’s missile down the m4 12 z firming up on a good spell for our northern friends, good luck. just hoping we can get into a more northerly/ north easterly over the coming runs.
  3. To be fair don’t think you can say was it ever alive as posts and charts were posted to say it was sorry mods
  4. Ha ha qaulity Yep did notice Corrected accordingly
  5. To be fair isn’t this exactly what Steve m said would happen two days ago could be a great call IMO lets hope the pendulum will swing more and build for the coldies come the 0z
  6. 18z looking better early on hope steve can pop in with a little snippet as his insight on this will be missed helps me anyway with what to look out for
  7. Think it was the famous Ian mc caskill famous 91 forecast that said record breaking warmth over the pond just saying that if they get warm there we have had a great cold spell this time of year prob completely wrong but that just sticks in my mind
  8. Fantastic description ie alien vs easterly nick think you should think about writing these weather vs movie classic quotes down, they really do help folk learning, cheers. the ecm tonight does seem a tad progressive imo and has flipped from recent days. i think somewhere in between ukmo and ecm maybe a good base to grow from.
  9. Well it’s not often you got comments in here from the very knowledgeable strat posters. something is deffinately approaching our shores this winter. great model watching this winter and this thread is always buzzing this year. got this feeling with so much going so well in the background that this winter could be memorable. the 12z tomorrow is I think a sign for xmas just from experience.
  10. You’re probably right there mate. the dp will prob rise as the front approaches. along with the ground temps.
  11. Sod all this northerly marginal will it won’t it snow crap il just wait till we get an easterly that will sort it
  12. Now sleet again think this is a bust again nevermind
  13. Going from sleet to wet snow here back to sleet its trying