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  1. Couldn’t agree more i had to work outside today all day no fun I can tell ya Hot countries have siestas My boss says shut up it’s just summer get on with it lol
  2. Hope your right Steve bur I think the left arrow is gonna be where the centre arrow is
  3. Looks like that it is swerving east of London again though @Surrey serously though would love a serious downpour and thunderstorm to clear this god dam pollen, if only for a few hours. havent tasted or smelt a thing for four days now. bloody hayfever
  4. Agree Steve think it will miss Surrey or more to the point swerve anywhere east gonna be a great night
  5. Well it’s a funny old game. just like this funny old winter. models thinking about it though I feel.
  6. It could be just forget the models they are just a guess Just sit back relax and enjoy what’s around you enjoy your family and have a great evening it’s just weather you ain’t ever getting this time back Mother Nature will carry on so should we
  7. It’s on like donkey kong and if it ain’t it’s sweet its not like we have been hunting all winter we got this its coming
  8. Gfs is like an old grand national horse it needs to be put out of it misery and laid to pasture bless gfsp is what we should be taking seriously consider gfs as an old hat now
  9. I hear what you are saying my friend. but you can’t exactly come on and slate a post about not backing up with models and charts if you’re not willing to do the same your self. this is the whole point. you can learn so much in here off, of experienced posters. i have just finally worked out the MJO I think lol. and I have been a member for 9 years. everyone has the right to post mate. that is why this site is so great.
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