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  1. Believe if it’s gonna turn around it will turn around quick one run has to be the start it could be the pub run
  2. You should have asked Alexa siri not as advanced
  3. To be fair I do believe that all models are running poorly after around 96hrs. i think the ssw maybe starting to show and the models are just flapping with every solution. sometimes things just have to get worse to get better.
  4. Thankyou for explaining that to me. was just wondering im obviously new to all this
  5. Has this become just the banter thread just saying
  6. To be fair ed one does have to start sometime. would be great if it was this 12z though
  7. That’s due to the fact we are a relatively small island surrounded by warmish seas. no huge land mass
  8. There is plenty of time left remember the great 2009 Thames streamer well that was feb 2nd I believe would that be showing up yet I doubt it
  9. Getting a bit peppery in here the ecm has seriously upgraded in the last 24 hours, I know a lot of us are disappointed with sat mornings 0z but at least it’s picking up with good signals moving on. Many members on here are used to having fantastic charts stolen from us at the last minute, then have weeks on end of south westerly to view. Desperately searching for a crumb of sleet.ar 300 hours. Believe it or not the outlook looks good it’s still only jan20th. the posts claiming winter is almost over are seriously grating now. It will come
  10. Thankyou teits my thoughts exactly. normally the famous failed easterly’s vanish from the runs and that’s the end and we are straight into Atlantic driven weather this is so different this is still on , maybe not immediately but imminent like you say. great model watching this.