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  1. I suspect that the beast would be so tired by June that he may simply burn in mid air, imposing some effect at ground level as he does so
  2. I don't know if anyone watched Question Time tonight but the CEO of Siemens UK was on the panel, and I thought he was met with quite a hostile reception really. This is despite the fact he had a centrist view on pretty much everything, being a business leader. Particularly concerning Brexit, he basically thought a "meet in the middle" type position was best. He said if that meant staying in the, or a version of, the single market/retaining tariff-free trade - then so be it. This is an extremely sensible view from a neutral perspective YET was meant with many boos and hums from the crowd. You get the impression that some people actually just want economic turmoil, just for lols really. Sorry but, lols aren't a substantial enough reason for such silliness. This is a very complicated and serious issue, which I to a certain extent (as a younger person) feel as though will highly but indirectly affect me in the future. I feel some in the audience who boo'd at the most sensible view won't live past the real effects of the decision that was made a few years ago, and that makes me sad. John Prescott was certainly the stand out performer - just says stuff how it is. Ironically he found himself agreeing totally with the Siemens CEO on pretty much all points. <rant out> P.S. the charts for next week look freaking AWESOME
  3. Pretty stark langauage in the Met Office 10 day trend forecast... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sir0p7u7XrQ
  4. They really are incredible ensembles! Can I just say I don't post in here very often at all as I'm what is (probably) known as one of these Netweather 'lurkers' I took one look at this forum tonight after the ECM 12z tonight and thought the end is nigh...and this cold spell might be odds off, gone in the tipper and burnt by the Atlantic. But actually, you look at the fact that the ECM 12z op is a really big outlier - this really just shows how strong the signal is for the block to set up in this way. The GFS 18z is just outrageous and is (in my honest opinion) an extreme solution. It seems to me, though, all models have got this block sorted and pretty much nailed. The only question is...just exactly HOW much snow??
  5. Irma now up to 180mph sustained winds http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/text/refresh/MIATCPAT1+shtml/051445.shtml?
  6. http://www.ssd.noaa.gov/goes/east/catl/h5-loop-rb.html I cannot tell if it's actually undergoing eyewall replacement or not? Seemed like it weakened slightly so maybe it has. The eye is so small it's tricky to see! NHC were expecting it to take place to be fair.
  7. Was not expecting this for Norwich! Couple of cms at least and building quickly!!! EDIT: REALLY big flakes now too!
  8. Well, I'm hoping to maybe see a flake or two in Norwich. Stranger things have happened, but the current forecast is for the heavier stuff to be further south. That is if things go to plan, though, and this appears to be an extremely unpredictable situation.
  9. Just when you thought we were maybe getting slightly better with all those colder winters, our long period of mild winters bring us back to a one small snowflake = panic affair. Modern britishness at its best.
  10. Yes Ian Brown is an absolute Netweather legend in my opinion! Hoping to see something today. Keeping an open mind re snowfall...
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