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  1. Looks like that stream of showers has turned more towards us in South Yorkshire, rather than West Yorkshire
  2. that storm working it's way up the east coast is really quite active. it's clicking like mad. Hope someone's got the video rolling!! http://en.blitzortung.org/live_lightning_maps.php?map=12
  3. Snowing in Penistone at the moment. Got a bit of lying snow too.
  4. Already out at the first call, at the back of Penistone. It's been snowing steadily for a few hours.
  5. Is been drizzling here in Barnsley for about half hour, but just got heavier and when it did this happened.. So it's a bit marginal at the moment, it seems
  6. Covered again in Penistone, very very foggy to boot. Looks like that little patch just south of Sheffield is turning to snow on the higher ground, so we could get some more shortly.
  7. Just sat waiting for the missus to come out of a call in Barnsley and it's trying desperately to snow. Only fine light stuff, but the clouds look full. It's weird.
  8. nope, sorry to disappoint more to come! (and I have to go out to work in it!)
  9. our little Vauxhall Mokka 4x4 has got us everywhere we needed to be too, our MOO car (the missus's private reg - last 3 characters are MOO, long story!!)
  10. Me and the missus were out early this morning looking after our little old ladies and gentlemen No snow days for us! anyway this was on our way to the first call around 7am, on the back roads of Penistone
  11. our forecast has now changed. just a 57% chance between 6pm-7pm! ah well, good while it lasted this morning, I will say, it doesn't feel warm enough or muggy enough for storms. there's hazy sunshine and we keep getting the odd gust of wind. I really, really, really need to get myself a new weather station. I hate not knowing what the stats are outside...
  12. well, the weather's playing a strange one this week. yesterday the radar showed light showers over us constantly all day, yet we had 1 very early and that was it. Dry all day. Now it's showing nothing, yet it's raining, even the forecast says it should be dry! I got washing to do Anyways, looking forward to a possible light show tomorrow. still forecast around here with 70% chance
  13. yep, same here. a brief, very heavy shower and the sun is now out.
  14. I'm currently staying on the west Isle of Wight, it's very warm and sticky, but the sun's only popped it's head out once earlier for a few minutes. Otherwise it's been wall to wall cloud I'm just wondering where my sun booking is. I'm pretty sure I booked early, 2 weeks, SE England, September, All day sunshine. Yep. Now where's my order!
  15. I've not seen this mornings forecast for Gaston, but I know the recent ones have been quite favourable. It's prettymurky here. no idea on temperature. my weather station broke a little while ago and I've still not got around to replacing it .
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